Question: How many of us still own a bible?

At work I found, to my chagrin, that I still keep my bible in my locker.

I was having a conversation with a theist, about things that didn't involve religion, and some how he steered it towards how he often reads his bible. I keep a track in my bible, as a book mark, and I started thinking about the contents of the track. For instance: "Do you feel sad?"… read Mathew chapter 5:11 (not the actual wording but…). I always kept the track as a mind fuck for me. I'd say that the bible gave me a road map to how to live my life; as long as I adhered to that little pamphlet that I acquired somewhere in my travels. What bullshit.

When I get to work today I'm giving that guy that bible… What's an Atheist need with a bible? what am I trying to hold on to? Think this is subliminal? Am I trying to hold on to the last visages of my failed stabbed at religion? Yep, started questioning my new found unbelief...

Can't bring myself to throw it away. Don't know why. Guess I still look at the damn thing as something personal, something of value; despite the fact that I think it's all bullshit. I've had it for so long and it's followed me clear around the world and back that I just don't want to just shit can it. But giving it to another human being just don't seem right to my atheist ass… LOL. Quandary.

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I have two,a KJV and a Reina Valeria, they were given to me by Guideon. I usually have them as a project to convert them in skeptic's annotated bible, but i'm too lazy to actually highlight all those verses. Plus, i detest throwing books away.

Hate the idea of throwing away books. Book hoarder from way back here!

My co-worker, one of those non-practicing christians, is now the proud owner of my bible. I asked him to take it, after explaining how long I had it and where it's been, and he said that he'd take it only because it's something that was important to me for so long. He said if I reconsider and reconvert to christianity he'd give it back. I just giggled my ass off at that 'cause LOL- Snowballs chance in Hell!!!...

I have a Bible that was given to me by an old boss.  He thought there was a battle going on for my soul so he did an emergency baptism out by the garbage dumpster, and gave me a Bible.  I have read it, too.  I had as open a mind as I could but after reading it I became even more afraid for humanity. 

I don't mind keeping it.  I suppose its a good reference book to have around. 

I have part of another one that I use to level out my treadmill.  For this, it is very useful... just the right thickness.  I didn't rip it up by the way.  I found it in my possession like that.  I know not whence it came, but it must have been sent by the Almighty to make my exercising experience more pleasant. 

Even though I am not a Christian I do have a certain amount of respect for religions' holy books.  Some of that is that I have respect for books, period.  They can be very powerful.  I am a bit fascinated how the Bible can be so influential.   It's not that good of a book, really.

Ooh!  I just remembered I can play "hide the Bible" if I can find one in the hotel I am in!  Whoohoo!  Let's see...

Yes!  Double score!  I've got a Bible AND The Book of Mormon!  Wow.  I will have to glance at the Mormon one before I hide it.

Your boss tried to convert you and then baptized you by the dumpster (presumably against your will)?  Wow.  You know you could have sued, don't you?

Well it really wasn't against my will.  I was at a confusing and vulnerable time in my life and I was not sure that he wasn't correct at that point.  Some weird stuff was happening.

I never have even thought once about whether or not I could have sued, not for that anyway.  There were other things going on at that job that made being suddenly baptized  seem just like another day at work.  In the end it didn't make any difference.  I moved on and never looked back.

There were other things going on at that job that made being suddenly baptized  seem just like another day at work.

Bet those were interesting times.


I have a number of religious books, including a KJV bible that has sections highlit and a couple dozen taped-in inserts filled with notes.  They serve as reference material.

I own several Bibles, in several different versions - if a theist says the Bible says something, I want to be able to look it up and see if it's totally true, or taken out of context, in which case, I come back with earlier or later paragraphs, indicating the passage didn't mean what he contended it meant, and destroy him.

You may also notice that I always capitalize the Bible, but not god, because one is a book, and I respect books, which is why I could never burn a Bible or the Quran, though I possibly could recycle them. But if I had an extra, giving it away wouldn't be a problem, it's just a book, and not a well-written one at that.

As an exMormon I still have my bible, and BOM, I hardly notice them but now as an Atheist it's amazing to go back and re-read some passages in both books with a completely different way of looking at them. So I think I'll get em around LOl.

Am I correct, Erik, that those in the BOM represent the 10 lost tribes of Israel? If so, how do they account for the 13,000 year old spear points found in Sandia, New Mexico, when the ten tribes weren't dispersed until 722 BCE?

Yeah, I still have a bible on my bookshelf.  Like others have said, it's a great book of reference and I can always go to it when I need a reminder of why i'm an atheist.  lol

Interestingly, before I fully came around to non-belief, I worried about which books it was next to.  For example, would god be angry if I put the bible next to all my Harry Potter books?  Maybe it would be better to put it next to the Chronicles of Narnia.  Yeah, that would be better.

Boy am I glad that's over.  Now it's sandwiched between all the HP books and my biology textbooks haha


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