Question: How many of us still own a bible?

At work I found, to my chagrin, that I still keep my bible in my locker.

I was having a conversation with a theist, about things that didn't involve religion, and some how he steered it towards how he often reads his bible. I keep a track in my bible, as a book mark, and I started thinking about the contents of the track. For instance: "Do you feel sad?"… read Mathew chapter 5:11 (not the actual wording but…). I always kept the track as a mind fuck for me. I'd say that the bible gave me a road map to how to live my life; as long as I adhered to that little pamphlet that I acquired somewhere in my travels. What bullshit.

When I get to work today I'm giving that guy that bible… What's an Atheist need with a bible? what am I trying to hold on to? Think this is subliminal? Am I trying to hold on to the last visages of my failed stabbed at religion? Yep, started questioning my new found unbelief...

Can't bring myself to throw it away. Don't know why. Guess I still look at the damn thing as something personal, something of value; despite the fact that I think it's all bullshit. I've had it for so long and it's followed me clear around the world and back that I just don't want to just shit can it. But giving it to another human being just don't seem right to my atheist ass… LOL. Quandary.

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"The self awareness of ignorance" is a rarity, that's why folks like us are necessary in modern society to call them out on their ignorance and make them aware of same.

To store notes and important things, well it came with a zip-up cover , and things can easily be hidden between the pages. The book was given to me by my religious parents as a gift... 90% of it is useless content.

It can be used for many things, such as a paper weight, emergency cigarette papers if you smoke, a fire starter for the camping trip/ or survival kit, a cure for severe insomnia just by reading its boring contents, fly swatter, cockroach killer, use in halloween to scare kids with demons and hell, a bookshelf marker between novels and textbooks, emergency toilet paper, picking up dog poop, or cleaning cat vomit, a notebook tray if it is large, an artist's brush cleaner, a rough sketchbook of ideas, a device to prevent a trailer/car from moving down a slope if the had brake is broken, and paper mache sculpturing... the uses are endless , more than zombicom

Thanks, I never thought of those uses/applications of "The Word", handy, very handy indeed!

Packing a KJV along with the Porta-Potty would be handy and prevent unspooling of the Charmin.  I would be embarrassed for someone to see such a paper weight on my desk or on my library shelves; however, tossing it at varmints makes some sense, but stored among the firewood with the cover up to keep it dry for kindling makes more sense.  Thanks for the new perspective on such uses.

Well it has more practice value than literacy value... some so called "books" which appear as chapters  of names , rituals and barbaric laws. I think its too wordy, and MS Word is more usefull lol.

If you wish to study it for theological research to pick and point out errors in correcting people that believe in a lie created from misinterpretation created by translation, the King James is by far the worst version, and much of the modern versions is based and re translated from the king james Shakespearean English, much of the original text had been altered and meanings changed from the original hebrew version. The Easter Orthodox version seems to have more chapters. Here is  some of the versions that exist

Hell why would I be embarressed having a book performing a different function from what it had been intended for when people see me as a character that had wondered off a secret star trek set and people always ask what my gender is in public when the obvious is evident that I had been born intersexed ? I could care less what people think..., yep everyone has their thoughts in how to give the book some practical use in saving the planet with many creative methods of not wasting precious paper and put some use to it, when the words are simply noise to a logical mind.


My wife is Christian,so there are three or four around the house, including an Arabic translation of the KJV New testament and a plain text KJV on the computer. I also have a text file of the Qu'ran.. I ke3ep the computer plain text versions for reference.

My bride of the past 47-years is a born-again evangelical and has a library of bibles and related material that would do a divinity student proud.  I have a library of writings by the most prominent atheist writers and thinkers, and had the pleasure/privilege of watching Hitchens the Great debate and eviscerate William Dembski the Dolt in Evolution v. Creation at Preston Academy in Plano, Texas during the last few months we were gifted with Hitchen's presence in our civilization and society.  RIP Mr. Hitchens.

So, a very high profile atheist and a born-again live happily with a very successful marriage under the same roof.  I've often said if she and I can manage to live together, anybody can.  I don't object to her books as long as she doesn't object to mine.  She even has a white-covered bible inscribed with my name that I don't allow in any other room in our home.

Buck the fible!  There's nothing contained therein that I need to know.

My girl friend and I are in a similar pickle. She a Lutherian, I Humanist/exCatholic/post-Modernist/Recovering Rationalist/wanabe Atheist.

I am still working on not realy very hard to be teased.... 

One of my closest friends in Wise County, TX owns a communications company and has a young employee who is a self-described atheist and sports a large American Atheist logo on his lower left arm and is non-apologetic about his atheism; be that as it may he has a dilemma.  His girl friend is a christian fundie and acknowledges his non-believer status as long as he doesn't make an issue of it. He is scared to join my Wise Free Thinkers & Skeptics Meetup Group.  You can find us at and search for our name.  Why you may ask, he says "she's too good in bed" or words to that effect to take a chance on running her off.  WTF???

Atheism is easy, look for reality and skip/ignore anything that speaks of the supernatural or paranormal; welcome to the real world mate.

Noel, you can give it to your coworker and say "I finished reading this, spoiler alert, Jesus dies!" 

But, according to some, He didn't die; think Easter, which should be Ester as the whole bit was stolen from the Pagans.


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