Question: How many of us still own a bible?

At work I found, to my chagrin, that I still keep my bible in my locker.

I was having a conversation with a theist, about things that didn't involve religion, and some how he steered it towards how he often reads his bible. I keep a track in my bible, as a book mark, and I started thinking about the contents of the track. For instance: "Do you feel sad?"… read Mathew chapter 5:11 (not the actual wording but…). I always kept the track as a mind fuck for me. I'd say that the bible gave me a road map to how to live my life; as long as I adhered to that little pamphlet that I acquired somewhere in my travels. What bullshit.

When I get to work today I'm giving that guy that bible… What's an Atheist need with a bible? what am I trying to hold on to? Think this is subliminal? Am I trying to hold on to the last visages of my failed stabbed at religion? Yep, started questioning my new found unbelief...

Can't bring myself to throw it away. Don't know why. Guess I still look at the damn thing as something personal, something of value; despite the fact that I think it's all bullshit. I've had it for so long and it's followed me clear around the world and back that I just don't want to just shit can it. But giving it to another human being just don't seem right to my atheist ass… LOL. Quandary.

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I have a KJV Bible, Qur'an, books on the Egyptian, Greek, Roman and Norse myths, and am thinking of picking up a Tripitaka, Kojiki, and Nihongi nown the road.

I consider it reference material, and I the looks of believers when they see them on my book shelf is rather priceless (The Bible and Qur'an are touching! *gasp*).


Machine-readable ones count? I have two. I occasionally look up a quote or something to get context.

I'm told by several ex clergy friends that being taught the nefarious volume is the single best way to realize it's all BS and to decide that atheism is the only sensible course for them to take.  Visit the Clergy Project for evidence.

I have several Bibles...even MORE new testaments..  I also have the Book of Morman, The Koran, the Upanishads, and tons of 'spiritual books and writings' from many different religions and philosophies.   One of my most prized books is my family bible which was passed down to me and has the birth recordings of my family written in it for several generations.

I even have a Bible APP for my i-phone.    What can I say? LOL  I live in the bible belt!  

In the very same book case I have Dawkins, Harris, Hitchens, Dennett, Shermer, V.S. Ramachandran, Carlos Castaneda (don't laugh at Carlos..LOL) Bertrand Russell, Jung, and on another bookcase I have science fiction and fantasy.

 I've learned from all of them.  I still like 'parts' of all of them.


I don't like confrontation. I rarely ever finish a heated discussion or argument because I'm an asshole. I'll look to lash out. So I've learned to tune out the negative's and move on.

Why do we need to school theist on the bible? Sometimes I think it's as if I know something that they don't but they have to be very much aware that I don't give a shit. I use to go toe to toe but now I choose to let them believe what ever the fuck they want to believe. I don't think it's my lot in life to correct them on their adherence to total bullshit. Why would they listen?

So why would I need a bible to correct a religious person on the bullshit in that bible? As if they'll listen to REASON. They won't. So I got better shit to do than waste precious minutes on their dumb ass's. You know, picnics, run's through the park, games of chess, sitting on my couch and vegging... the really important stuff. I mean it's great calling them out on their own bullshit and getting a giggle out of it. Maybe even I can puff my chest out just a little more. But maybe not! Maybe I choose to avoid their negative ass's and not entertain a discussion about shit that isn't even real.

I am in almost 100% agreement with you. Life is too short to waste, much less to waste it on nonsense like arguing about imaginary beings. People have to come to reason on their own path. Or not. Everyone has their own journey to traverse. And only they can walk it. And it is on them to take the first step.

You said it better than me and with less cursing... Bravo!

I go about this whole non believer gig, that I got going, like a twelve step program:

Easy Does It

Live life on life's terms

Don't take other's inventory

Live and let live

Don't drink and drug one day at a time.

Don't need to make amends with anyone because of my unbelief because last I looked personal relationships with higher powers are just that personal. So I give a rats ass what some theist thinks or cares about their personal relationships and they should feel the same way if I decide to not have one of those Greatest Power In the Universe and me personal relationships.

I leave out the "sought a power greater than myself", although that does not necessarily denote supernatural beings,  I also leave out the part about said supernatural being restoring me to sanity. I do great with natural beings and been off the hooch for 23 years. Let's see how well I do with the God abstention...

Only assholes curse. Those fuckers!

Exactly why anyone keeps and reads that nefarious volume of adult fairy tales is beyond me; what, I just answered my own question.  Some adults remain in deep need of fairy tales in which to insert their fairy tale lives and Bronze & Iron Age understanding of science and the world with their invisible friend.


Given what we have been through, for some of us a refresher in Bronze Age understanding might be a nice place to start as long as we graduate! I don't think I have an invisible friend, but how would I tell? Not having a 6' rabbit as a friend, in our very small apartment, is very nice.... 

Any high school science class far exceeds science as Bronze Age understood science to be, so you already have a degree as it were and understand far more than a person from that era.  Of course the Torah, the Bible, the Koran all rely on that era's "science" and most "believers" don't have a clue about modern science about anything.


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