This is an interesting question that I have always pondered to myself, do I have to marry an atheist? Although I have never dated an atheist (not many) I have always dated non-religious secular people - but none that would call themselves an atheist as they still had a vague belief in god at the minimum. I have always said to myself that I will probably want to marry a Persian - but someone like myself who was raised in America and who is not religious and who definitely does not identify themselves as a Muslim - but I would rather marry an atheist but I don't know how many of them are out there - and why Persian as I have dated mostly non-Persian? A lot of people I have dated have been non-Persian but maybe simply so that my children don't forget who their parents were and subsequently my grandchildren not forgetting who their parents were so that my eventual legacy is passed down through generations...but that is a negotiable point but not put in stone as of yet but it is more of an "ideal" I would like to have....

But to the main point - do you have to eventually marry an atheist or would you marry a non-religious secularist (as I would consider) or even someone more religious? Just interested as to what you would say..

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I've never met/dated an atheist out here in the U.S. - and I am in Southern California! While everyone I have dated/relationships have not been religious - but they still "believe in a god" in a vague way. Many have even been against religion like my last girlfriend I was in a serious relationship with - but she still had a 'vague' belief in a higher power. :yawn: 

I don't even know if atheist females exist in Orange County - and I don't live in a religious county at all. Whether the girl sleeps with not many guys or a lot of guys - they all seem to have some kind of belief.

Must be lots of expat groups in SoCal, and I've met precious few expats in the US who are not atheists. Expats usually have at least a Bachelors degree and grew up in privileged surroundings elsewhere. Education and wealth is quite correlated with a secular belief system. Also, many expats are hot corporate chicks. ;)

Everyone I know is secular - not religious - but they hold on to a "belief" in god even though they are never religious or attend church. And they are educated too - education doesn't seem to make much a difference unless it is Ph.D. from my observations out here.

The wealthier one here - the more conservative they are. Even though Orange County conservatives are "Republican", they tend to not be too religious but they certainly are not atheists.

Don't judge expats based on local conditions as they are from somewhere completely different. Like Europe, and you'll be hard pressed to find a non-atheist around.

What do you mean by "ex-pat" in reference to America? Like someone originally from Europe living in America?

Most are probably from Europe, but usually there's plenty of diversity.

No - I am suggesting that it doesn't matter if the girl has slept with 1000 guys 100 guys or 10 guys or 5 guys - out in America - she still have a belief in a higher power - even if she is not religious. It is kind of hypocritical if she sleeps around a lot and then praises god at night.

I'm not quite sure what being sexually selective has to do with religion or if I said anything resembling that. I actually don't see being highly sexually selective as anything positive at all, but rather a sign of a narrow mind.

"Are you suggesting  atheist women sleep around more?"

I certainly hope so! ;)

To be perfectly honest I have no clue, but my personal experience is that they do and that they are much better in bed. Then again, I usually select for both atheism and sex experience, as I find these things build character.

probability - the less religious one is - the more sexually liberated one tends to be

"I have to know how sex experience builds character."

Usually confidence in general and in own looks, something too many girls lack. In guytalk, planking is pretty lame, especially in bed. ;)

I would never marry someone religious, or even someone who believed in god. They don't have to call them self atheist, but I would prefer them to have basically the same views as I do.
Here's how I see it; you don't want to be stuck with someone who disagrees with you on the most fundamental base of thought. How could you love someone you thought/knew was stupid? People who believe in something and those who don't tend to think about things differently, even small things. Of course, marriage is not about being a perfect match, no, not in the slightest, but when dealing with the concept of a creator it's best that both are mostly in, if not in complete, agreement.


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