This is an interesting question that I have always pondered to myself, do I have to marry an atheist? Although I have never dated an atheist (not many) I have always dated non-religious secular people - but none that would call themselves an atheist as they still had a vague belief in god at the minimum. I have always said to myself that I will probably want to marry a Persian - but someone like myself who was raised in America and who is not religious and who definitely does not identify themselves as a Muslim - but I would rather marry an atheist but I don't know how many of them are out there - and why Persian as I have dated mostly non-Persian? A lot of people I have dated have been non-Persian but maybe simply so that my children don't forget who their parents were and subsequently my grandchildren not forgetting who their parents were so that my eventual legacy is passed down through generations...but that is a negotiable point but not put in stone as of yet but it is more of an "ideal" I would like to have....

But to the main point - do you have to eventually marry an atheist or would you marry a non-religious secularist (as I would consider) or even someone more religious? Just interested as to what you would say..

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Marry the person you love, and don't set pre-conditions. Marriage isn't about box-ticking, it's about inter-personal chemistry - the stuff you can't decide in advance. You'll know when you've met the right person - don't sweat it beforehand.

I try to say no, but, in reality...


I find skepticism attractive, and, for the most part, that tends to include atheism.

Firstly, I don't HAVE to get married.

But the qualities I look for in a mate tend to mean they're Atheist anyway, so yeah.

I don’t think you have to marry an Atheist, but it would make things a lot easier between you two since religion is one of those core items that make us who we are.  I got married to my wife because I love her and to me that runs deeper than a personal belief.  Granted, she is also as Atheist as I am, but even if she wasn’t I would still have married her.  But then if she wasn’t an Atheist then her personality might be different and I might not have fallen in love, but I don’t live my life (or ruin it) by dwelling in what ifs, I'll leave that to the theists out there. ^_^


I do not plan to marry because it seems unnatural for humans to be together with only one partner for 50+ years, but that's besides the point.


I think that skepticism and rational thinking are more important than atheism.  I'd take a generally skeptical deist over someone who lacks a god belief but likes to go to the woods on the weekend to hunt for ghosts.  (Ghosts always hang out in the most inconvenient places, don't they)

go thou, be fruitful, and multiply


Yes! Of course, it's all part of atheist dogma. And you call yourself an non-believer.


Since atheists are underrepresented in the US population, it's very important that their numbers be increased by births. After all, it's much easier to indoctrinate a helpless child than to convert an adult -- even if you use force, an adult may just become a hypocrite to escape harm.


Further it's important to have many atheist children in public schools. Parents can then demand that religion must be forced out of every classroom and only godless science, irreligious logic, and secular mathematics be taught.


But I'm sure that you know all about these issues. Your fellow atheists expect that you will overcome all ideological and cultural obstacles to learn humbly at your wife's feet.


the anti_supernaturalist

I married an atheist. We both cite secular humanism as our philosophy.  I have never been happier.  I no longer walk on eggshells around my partner hoping they don't get offended when I feel like verbally thrashing a religion lol.  Philosophical differences, like anything, when big enough can make it pretty tough to have a serious romantic relationship.


Sometimes you need to let loose!

I would say marry someone who knows that a sentence ends with a period.

Why? Questions are sentences too and they don't end with a period... unless you count the dot underneath the questionmark... it is rather period-like.

I like exclamation points!

I like question marks. One cannot disagree on a question, right..? ;)

As for periods, they are a bloody waste of fucking time


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