(NSFW) Do you find this girl attractive? Why or why not?

You may or may not know this but I am 100% bi-sexual. Me and a girlfriend of mine got into a debate about what is pretty and what is not. So as I often say now, "OFF TO THINK ATHEIST INTERWEBS TO ASK RATIONAL PEOPLE!"

So here I am with a few questions:

  1. What turns you on about this girl?
  2. What turns you off about this girl?
  3. Why is this girl considered beautiful?
  4. Is this girl beautiful?
  5. Does the notion of her breasts being covered make you more attracted because you know she is naked in the (NSFW) *Not Safe For Work*unaltered picture(NSFW)
  6. Did you click on the NSFW picture? Why or why not? 
  7. Be honest if you clicked on it or not! 


I will be at work most of the day but I will be able to read most of your responses on my phone. 


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Well, for sake of fairness, I'll answer the questions instead of remarking on the appropriateness of the topic for the forum. 


The picture is airbrushed, at the very least. The woman is wearing at least an inch of makeup, and appears to have had filler injected into her lips, and probably her forehead and nose area. I see no wrinkles, smile lines, or any other natural imperfections. 


I did not click the NSFW picture, because, frankly, I don't need to see nipples in order to judge subjective attractiveness. 


Nature is beautiful. I am not personally attracted to such altered "beauty" as is displayed in the above image.

i find her attractive, i like the green eyes, but i don't know how much work has been done.

what's the purpose of asking? surely there's no need to try and rationalise what is and isn't attractive.

a few rules tend to be universal e.g. good symetry, defined features (which is helped by make up anyway)

hopefully other rational people will also agree however that atraction is personal and while it's very easy to create an image of a human that will be a safe bet for advertising purposes the reality of what actually attracts us is far more complex. i've been in relationships before with people who would fit such a description and it's amazing how quickly they stop being attractive once you realise they don't have have what's important.


for me, a good sense of humour is often the biggest turn on, but that's just me.


I would prefer the natural look, no fake boobs or photoshop adds, but she's pretty can't deny that, would mind talking to her..lol!

Second-finest looking woman I have seen today!

1. She has nothing on.

2. She is in front of a camera, with nothing on.

3. Because people are generally shallow.

4. I have no idea, I don't know her. I'd like to think so...

5. No

6. Yes, I'm a man and I like boobs, although my interest in them ultimately depends on who they belong to. 

7. See above :-)

She would be very pretty even without the photoshopping. I love her eyes, but her lips do indeed look weird. Still, very attractive

Sophie, Are you conducting a study to see how rational people or atheists view and respond to beauty?


You could say that.

Seems like a sociology thing. 

She'd be better looking to me if she hadn't posed naked. 

1...She is good looking... even if she this has been enhanced in PS


2...She poses naked (I prefer my girlfriends to not do such a thing - unless in private)


3...Her eyes alone would give her that description.






6...Yes! - I'm a man!


7...No! - I'm a man!

Notions of beauty are more universal than many people think.  Studies have shown that the signs of health (symmetrical features, clear skin, etc.) are what makes a person beautiful.  She has those things.  I don't really like the plastic surgery she has had done (boobs and lips, if not more), but those things don't completely turn me off.


Whether or not she can be called beautiful depends on what you mean by the term.  I think most healthy young women are beautiful, just like most roses are beautiful.  Is she exceptionally beautiful?  No.


I clicked partly to see if my suspicions about her boob job were correct and partly because I like the female body.  I don't consider mere toplessness to be nudity and I have seen enough boobs not to be turned on by a picture of them.  For nudity to effect me it has to be in person and total.

1. Yes. I like her face, though as noted her lips look a bit odd, the more I look at them. A brief glimpse didn't make them look odd, but more investigation and consideration makes them look odd. I also like the hair - I'm unsure why, but I do like long hair on women. Also, her (visible) bodily proportions don't hurt. Although faces do a lot for me, I'm also quite a breast man.

2. Nothing, yet. I don't have any objection to her posing nude, etc. To go any further, I'd need to interact with her, to experience her personality. And this photograph does not give any indication as to personality (some do, this one is too obviously posed and treated). There's almost no personality in this photograph other than "hi, I'm naked. this is sexual."

3&4. Why? I've read a lot of studies into beauty, but I'm not sure why she IS considered beautiful. Is she? She's certainly attractive, but that's not the same thing. I honestly think I need more than one exposure to a person to judge their beauty.


5. I've flipped between the two, and while my hindbrain certain enjoys the NSFW picture, I think there's something more tantalizing about the covered picture.


6. Yes. Mostly for curiosity, and some to attempt to answer 5. Also, it said 'NSFW' and... I'm a pervert?


7. Already answered?



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