(NSFW) Do you find this girl attractive? Why or why not?

You may or may not know this but I am 100% bi-sexual. Me and a girlfriend of mine got into a debate about what is pretty and what is not. So as I often say now, "OFF TO THINK ATHEIST INTERWEBS TO ASK RATIONAL PEOPLE!"

So here I am with a few questions:

  1. What turns you on about this girl?
  2. What turns you off about this girl?
  3. Why is this girl considered beautiful?
  4. Is this girl beautiful?
  5. Does the notion of her breasts being covered make you more attracted because you know she is naked in the (NSFW) *Not Safe For Work*unaltered picture(NSFW)
  6. Did you click on the NSFW picture? Why or why not? 
  7. Be honest if you clicked on it or not! 


I will be at work most of the day but I will be able to read most of your responses on my phone. 


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"Small Talk -  Discuss general issues that don't fit in other board categories"

Regardless of the appropriateness of this particular topic, it is worth noting that it is in the off-topic section of the board.

Exactly,and its the members that have made it the number 1 in the big discussion's at the moment so there has been interest in it either way,but I do wonder how much attention positive or negative this would have had,had one of our less attractive members had posted it.

When you strip away the topic, people stop talking about what they know about things and start to talk about what they know about themselves. I find that equally interesting as a test of knowledge such as a debate.

Also, people's pictures on the internet are self-selected, and will only be the pictures they specifically don't mind sharing with others. People always look better in the pictures than in reality, and almost noone would put up a picture they find unflattering. It's possible you have a point, but I don't have a large habit of prowling other people's profiles for pics..

What a strange thing to say,I was talking about profile pictures but each to their own Arcus,whatever you get up to, I didn't really want to know about it,even if its not a large habit,its still a habit none the less.I'd seek help if it gets any worse.

If you want to be really technical, there would be no point in any of us posting anything as it is an atheist forum and we all already know no gods exist. So there is nothing that is directly related.


We do tend to think differently from most folks and this site is an avenue to explore that.

I object because for myself a primary reason for becoming an Atheist was to get away from the exclusivity of religion. I feel we should not discourage anyone from discussing anything on this forum. I have to admit this was not the topic I was expecting to find on this site but that is kind of what attracted me to it. I'm always the junky for something different. I also think this is a great place for those types of topics because I'm sure the same topic on Facebook would be met with a buffet of immature and offensive replies.

Her eyes are really nice, the hair is good, but like the others have said, the rest looks fake. She looks like she'd be stuck up, not approachable. Personally I think you are much more attractive and given the choice you'd be my pick (but i'm happily married, I'm just telling you what I think)


And yes, I clicked on the link. :)

No, I'd have to know her, what is in her mind. Maybe cause I'm older or my life experiences but there is nothing in a pretty face or the rest of it!

  1. Her eyes
  2.  She seems rather plastic in general. Perhaps it’s the fish-like lips, or the fake breasts or the fact that this looks air-brushed to death. Women like this don’t exist in nature and the ones who try to look like this seem to have a personality as undesirable as their newly deformed appearance.
  3. She is considered beautiful because this is what western culture tells us is beautiful. I would blame marketing and media for producing an image so “flawless” that it sets unrealistic expectations.
  4. Yes, she’s beautiful. But, I do not find her to be attractive. There is a difference.
  5. I’m indifferent.
  6. Yes, because it was an option.
  7. I clicked it! Really, I did!

1. Her eyes

2. The giagantic black bar across her breasts, it just isn't natural.

3. To me or to other people? to me the fact that she is willing to go naked on camera, to toehr people the fact she is naked infrotn of a camera.

4. i would say yes

5. No.

6. yes, because you asked if i did, so i made a point of looking.

7. see 6

Yes, she is beautiful. I would definitely stare with my gob drooling. Beautiful eyes. 

That being said: Far too much makeup and I would prefer her breasts to be natural. Perfection may be desirable but I'd rather have real, any day. In any case, she's way out of my league, so I wouldn't spend a lot of time fretting about whether I could even talk to her.

Yes, I looked. Why would you think that anyone wouldn't?

  1. Her long hair (I don't date girls with short hair, call me an asshole lol) and her eyes - love the green.Nice complexion too, and good muscle tone.  
  2. The only thing is the lipstick / lip gloss.  It makes me not think about kissing her.  
  3. I consider her beautiful, but others might not...I'd be interested to hear why someone would NOT find her beautiful.  
  4. Yes, she is gorgeous.  Very beautiful.  
  5. I think it's always more exciting to undress a girl - seeing a girl fully undressed usually takes the spark out of it.  I prefer porn where the girl is dressed , then undressed slowly rather than starting the video totally naked.  I guess some guys would disagree......
  6. I clicked it cause I wanted to see her breasts and nipples, duh. 
  7. Of course I clicked it.  :)




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