(NSFW) Do you find this girl attractive? Why or why not?

You may or may not know this but I am 100% bi-sexual. Me and a girlfriend of mine got into a debate about what is pretty and what is not. So as I often say now, "OFF TO THINK ATHEIST INTERWEBS TO ASK RATIONAL PEOPLE!"

So here I am with a few questions:

  1. What turns you on about this girl?
  2. What turns you off about this girl?
  3. Why is this girl considered beautiful?
  4. Is this girl beautiful?
  5. Does the notion of her breasts being covered make you more attracted because you know she is naked in the (NSFW) *Not Safe For Work*unaltered picture(NSFW)
  6. Did you click on the NSFW picture? Why or why not? 
  7. Be honest if you clicked on it or not! 


I will be at work most of the day but I will be able to read most of your responses on my phone. 


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  1. I dunno
  2. nothing, but the picture might have been airbrushed
  3. Probably because of the social definition that I use
  4. To me, she is physically, but could be unactractive intellectually
  5. Not really, I have a pretty good imagination :)
  6. No, I'm on a public computer on campus.
  7. nope sorry, I would love to, but I want to stay in the computer lab. :(


What turns you on about this girl? -  Nothing actually, she is surgically altered, then covered in make-up and finally Photoshop-ed, being turned on her by would be like getting wet over Jessica from Who Framed Roger Rabbit - and I say this as a lesbian.

What turns you off about this girl? -  Oh so many things. 1. What is wrong with her putting a brush through her hair? I have to get four kids, a wife and two dogs up every morning and I have longer hair than she does yet still I manage to brush my hair properly, its sloppy. 2.Eyebrows, why destroy perfectly good natural eyebrows to replace them with...... well THAT !  3. Here eyes are lovely but then I suspect airbrushed so no win there. 4. Her skin is airbrushed or buried under layers of cake because no skin looks like that,my skin varies with my hormones, every woman's does its normal. 5. And for me this would be the biggie, the fillers in her face and her fake breasts. If they have any sort of silicone in then my mind is on the ladies I see each week who have serious systemic medical problems due to disintegrating man made materials in their bodies gradually destroying their entire health. These problems are so huge I cannot see past this, my fault. 


Why is this girl considered beautiful? - By who exactly ? She might be physically attractive under all the flim-flam but before I would consider her "beautiful" I would want to see the real her, talk to her, read her face and body language.


Is this girl beautiful? - Assuming I accept the picture at face value then I would say attractive, no  more.


Does the notion of her breasts being covered make you more attracted because you know she is naked in the (NSFW) *Not Safe For Work*unaltered picture(NSFW) - No, could tell they were fake before i looked at the full picture.


Did you click on the NSFW picture? -  Yes.


Why or why not? - being partly sighted I miss out on enough of every picture already so not about happily accept being further blinded artificially.


Pictures like these are fantasies and taken as such are fine I guess. For me I would rather a picture of a real woman with a face that reflects her life and speaks of it. With a body that reflects all the same sorts of flaws of the rest of us. With breasts that move with those lovely, beautiful natural dynamics that make them so wonderful, and even breasts that show she has nurtured life.




I laughed so hard about Jessica Rabbit. I have to agree...this "look" leaves me cold.  I can't help but to wonder what her natural physical state would have been and if she regrets the changes.  How do the implants and injections affect her ability to feel and enjoy the experience of living in her own body? 

When I see women pulling that sexy, emotionally ambiguous look, I always wonder...what was she thinking and feeling while portraying the facade created in this image?  What type of personality does she have?  What type of life?  Is she happy?

I am straight but I can evaluate the beauty of any girl... this girl is not pretty! she's only a naked body!



she's not  pretty but she has pretty green eyes.. but look at her lips? nah I dont like em!  some think that she's pretty when she's not! that's because she's naked..

 See my standards here,

This is the ideal nose!

This is the ideal mouth

the ideal lips


the ideal eyes


hey! I frgot to answer your questions :)

1. her eyes, hair.

2. her lips are big I dont like big lips!

3. she's not beautiful..

4. no, she's not..and why? see above my standards of beauty!

5. No, not at all..

6. yes I did! and why? curiosity! and btw, her boobs are 100% fake!

7. I'm honest I wish I did'nt click on it! because that's not me I dont watch nude photos usually!

btw, I do love the beauty of a woman especially her face! her personality nothing more..

I always try to answer these things without reading the replies, so here it goes...

  1. What turns you on about this girl?
    -- for me, the first thing I noticed were her eyes. They drew me in. I'm a sucker for eyes.
  2. What turns you off about this girl?
    -- I am NOT a fan of over-processed, over-glamed, fake-boobed women. Maybe it's my Southern nature, but to me a woman in a nice t-shirt and a great fitting pair of jeans is about the sexiest look around.
  3. Why is this girl considered beautiful?
    -- two things: Remember first, a guy thinks with his dick when it comes to women, and women tend to think with their hearts and minds. So at an animal level (which is the primary nature of testosterone-driven males) she looks like a woman a "caveman" animal would fuck. why? think about it - advancement of the species. She's got big boobs, wide hips, curvy, etc. - these things, at a animalistic level, indicate she would be a good mate for producing children. Boobs == good food for babies, hips == easy birthing, young == good birthing age, skinny == not "worn out" by already giving a lot of births. Sorry but at the primal level, that's what does it. The other part is the "Golden Ratio" in her face - it is about right - more on that later.
  4. Is this girl beautiful?
    -- beautiful? yeah, she's attractive/sexy. attractive to ME? Nope.
  5. Does the notion of her breasts being covered make you more attracted because you know she is naked in the (NSFW) *Not Safe For Work*unaltered picture(NSFW)
    -- nah, I'm 46, married 26++ years, I have five kids, and I was a wild child before. I have seen a ton of boobies, so I'm not too interested. Plus, as I said earlier, she's not what I find attractive.
  6. Did you click on the NSFW picture? Why or why not?
    -- as I said before, not my type, and I've see a ton of boobies, all shapes and sizes.


OK, the Golden Ratio....

There is a MOUNTAIN of information out there about this. The basic gist of it is: there is a ratio that occurs in nature - A LOT - and is represented by the Greek letter phi (). Basically if you break down the ratio it comes out to something like 1:1.61.... things like how far apart the eyes are to the face, where the nose is, where the cheeks are, etc. The closer a face is to the Golden Ratio, the more attractive it is. We are HARD WIRED to this. It is also why you may find certain pictures, buildings, flowers, etc. beautiful - it's the Golden Ratio.


As an old math teacher and computer geek, I love stuff like the Golden Ratio and the Fibonacci Number/Sequence (simply put - 1, 2, 3, 5... the pattern is the last two numbers added together make the next number). Corn, Chrysanthemums, Nautilus Shells, and much more demonstrate the Fibonacci Sequence.


OK, that's it! Enjoy!

But how does that Golden Ratio apply to different cultures with different standard..? For instance those who find the stretching of the neck via rings is attractive or say feudal Japan when the woman blackend their teeth to look attractive..? Or some Africa tribes where beauty is based on size.. the larger the woman the more attractive she is..? 

  1. I don't like women
  2. She looks as fake as one can be. An inch of makeup, boobs that are screaming fake, lips full of collagen (and I imagine her plastic surgeon was asked to make the lips look like Angelina Jolie's)
  3. Because she has a classical, seductive pose, and is topless in front of a camera, I assume
  4. I don't like women. And I can't answer whether she's beautiful based on that picture. I'd want to see a non-airbrused picture, without makeup, and no swanky special lightining
  5. No
  6. No - I don't care for boobs
  7. As above - I don't care for boobs

1) not much, fake pretty much everything other than maybe her eyes.. not very impressive imho

2) see #1

3) because we have been conditioned to think that certain body features are all that a man or a woman needs to see to be 'turned on' by a person of the opposite sex. altered bodies speak of insecurity, not sensuality, to me anyhow...

4) show me a pic of her before her surgery, and i may be able to give you a better answer to this question

5) her breasts are fake, to me, they are not very attractive on principle

6) yes, why shouldn't i?

7) see #6


She looks completely plasticized & fake & airbrushed (ooops photoshopped).  Yes, I clicked...fake boobies too.  High gloss shine on the duck face doesn't help.  Without all the troweled on makeup, I'll bet she's very pretty.  Love her eyes !

1.  not really turned on, but that may be because the picture is heavily photoshopped.

2.  the fact that the picture has been heavily altered does not work in her favor.

3.  beauty is subjective, but there are apparently certain attributes (ratios of body proportions) that are attractive to the population whether gay or straight. 

4.  she may be.  a better way to tell may be an unaltered picture of her from another angle.

5.  given certain situations, breasts imply a prelude to sex, especially in a culture that allows guys to walk around topless but not women.  we are meant to imply that she desires sex, but the picture is very static in its composition and does not appear spontaneous at all.  so, not really.

6.  i clicked on it because i expected another photoshop of swastikas or some other object that would be meant to lower her attractiveness.

7.  see above. 


1. She's good looking. I particularly like greenish eyes and dark hair. Nice body. (Though ffs stop with this duckface fad already!)

2. She doesn't look like the kind of girl that could hold up her end of a conversation.

3. Young, smooth skin, pouty lips, lots of eye shadow draws attention, gaze, luscious, sensual, skin, etc.

4. Yes.

5. No. Not a boob guy.

6. Yes. Curiosity if there was something spectacular behind the black bar.



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