(NSFW) Do you find this girl attractive? Why or why not?

You may or may not know this but I am 100% bi-sexual. Me and a girlfriend of mine got into a debate about what is pretty and what is not. So as I often say now, "OFF TO THINK ATHEIST INTERWEBS TO ASK RATIONAL PEOPLE!"

So here I am with a few questions:

  1. What turns you on about this girl?
  2. What turns you off about this girl?
  3. Why is this girl considered beautiful?
  4. Is this girl beautiful?
  5. Does the notion of her breasts being covered make you more attracted because you know she is naked in the (NSFW) *Not Safe For Work*unaltered picture(NSFW)
  6. Did you click on the NSFW picture? Why or why not? 
  7. Be honest if you clicked on it or not! 


I will be at work most of the day but I will be able to read most of your responses on my phone. 


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Just by looking at me. He said if I lost 50 lb, I'd be most likely losing muscle mass along with fat.

I like her eyes the most...everything else just seems too perfect. She doesn't seem real, and while that's nice to look at, there's no substance behind it. She feels artificial to me, and yeah, I'll admit that it's attractive to the eye and to the sex drive, but KNOWING she's been done up, knowing she's been photoshopped to look nice just detracts from the image as a whole. I'll take a real girl with a brilliant mind over a plastic doll any day.

Here is a link SFW to her with far less makeup on: http://www.mobiextra.com/mwallpapers/monika-pietrasinska-iphone-wal...

Her name is Monika Pietrasinska and she has had some major work done both before and after the photo was taken.

That is clearly not a real girl. There's so much airbrushing done on it that it's really become a piece of airbrush art


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