Do you find it funny how we laugh at theist and they laugh at us?

I went to my friends bible study today at school. I asked them if god can work miracles, why didn't he ever grow somebody's leg back but can cure cancer. the fact that he cured cancer is debatable, but I don't think too many people would doubt his greatness if he grew back someone's arm. Most of them laughed and basically told me that's not possible . . . exactly. A little while later they began talking about eternal life and how great it's going to be. I said personally, the fact that living forever is some kinda of hell to me. And that if you truly believe that, then it makes life on earth meaningless. They all laughed and me and told me I was confused. My friend told me he respects me but not my beliefs, I told him the same. The bell rang, and we all went to class.

My question is do you fund it funny that everyone thinks there right and laughs at the other. Because I do.

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It gets old after a while. Most people just take things at face value and do not think it through.

It used to be but it's not funny anymore.

Not possible to grow someone's arm back? So much for their god's alleged omnipotence. 

I do find it amusing that a christian can be sure a devout muslim id wrong (and vice versa) but thinks it incomprehensible that we think they are wrong.


Amusing and yet not at all funny, really.


The question I would like to ask large groups of believers as a survey is the following:


Do you believe that if you had been born in Iraq to mulsim parents, you would still have grown up a christian?  (or, if you had been born in the USA, would you still have grown up a mulsim?)


I think that a large sample of answers to that question would be very interesting. I actually don't know what the answers would be.  A christian would sound a doubter if he admitted he would be muslim in Iraq, but he would sound stupid if said he wouldn't be.


In fact, I may start a discussion here to see what we atheists think the answers would be.

Do you believe that if you had been born in Iraq to mulsim parents, you would still have grown up a christian?  (or, if you had been born in the USA, would you still have grown up a mulsim?)

@ Matt G -- If I had been born in Iraq to Muslim parents, the odds are extremely high I would have grown up a Muslim. If I had been born in the USA to Muslim parents, the odds would still very high I would have grown up a Muslim. I'm not sure why you think you do not know the answer. It seems obvious to me. Maybe I misunderstood the question.

I go back and forth on it. Sometimes, I think it's amusing. Sometimes, not so much.

I don't like to make fun of people for what they believe in, even if I think it's some of the stupidest crap I ever heard. But I do like to try to challenge them to think about it more. Like, for example, the time I was in a Bible study and they brought up how... I dunno, angels or something... had killed every man, woman, and child within some city or another. I think I read about it once, but I'm drawing a total blank on any better details than that right now. So, I asked, "Even infants, they killed?" They told me yes. I said, "Infants are among the most innocent of human life there is. Why kill a baby? It hasn't done a thing wrong!" They told me it was "because God could tell they were bad seeds" and he eliminated them before they could grow up to be bad people.

You can probably tell where this is going...

My next response was, "Hold on, isn't one of the first teachings in the Bible about free will and the right to choose whether you're good or bad? Isn't that kind of the point of the whole Adam and Eve thing? That they got kicked out and turned mortal because they CHOSE to disobey? Infants don't have the mental capability to choose anything like that. They're far too young. How can we know if they're going to be good or bad? If God already knew that, then that suggests to me there is no real free will, and that a person is simply born a good person or a bad one. That makes no sense!"

Needless to say, that study didn't go well...

Well speaking for myself I know 2 things that I believe are true, the bible is bs and the people that follow it to the tee are too delusioned to see that its bs. But it is always fun to get them in a corner and watch them try to squarm out, but on the other hand I try not to be too rude and disrespectful. But that's just me.


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