sometimes I feel a moment's worth of offense when someone says "God Bless You" to me.
and when I sneeze and someone says it, I never say thanks, which offends other people.

what is wrong with me? :(
does anyone else feel this way?

(sry, didnt know what category to put this under)

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I will say "bless you" or "Gesundheit". I don't really care, and I don't think many people still associate it with its religious connotations now. It's just something people say when someone sneezes. In fact, I didn't even realize it had any religious meaning until I was about 12 or 13. Until then I thought it was a word that was spelled and pronounced like "bleshu". I actually still pronounce it like that. I never distinctly say "bless you". I just slur the two words together.

In any case, it's a harmless phrase that really just means the person is wishing you good health. I can't really get offended for that.
Of all of the things Christians do...of all of the problems that come out of religion...this is at the very bottom of the list. This is simply a habit people get into (Heck, even I say it sometimes...) - sure it's unnecessary, but it's born out of politeness - and most who say it are simply trying to be polite, not preachy.

The phrase "Pick Your Battles" comes to mind.
I say "gesundheit" because it's completely secular and doesn't have any relationship to curses or blessings. It's simply the command form of the German word for "health." I'm just saying "be healthy!"
I started a thread on this very subject not too long ago, asking for alternatives to "bless you." Someone in that thread suggested "watch where you point that thing!" and I've used that ever since :)
oh lol! :D
I just answer "I'm alright, thanks" to "Bless you."
I say "bless you" - I was raised to say it (not because my family was crazy god-fearing and wanted to bless everyone, just because it's what they think is polite). It's a hard habit to break, and I honestly don't even care to try to break it, it doesn't bother me at all. It's culture. I do get a bit offended if I'm talking about something in my life that is difficult and someone says "Well God bless you" or something like that, but that's definitely more religiously oriented.
As a few of you have already said, I just say 'gesundheit' or 'salud', both meaning 'good health'. Or sometimes, when someone says it to me, depending on who it is, I'll say "You have that power?"
I got out of the habit of saying bless you. instead i say salud. it's spanish for good health, but i don't get offended when people tell me bless you. i do get offended when people try to convince me that i'm wrong for being an atheist.
Naaah... "Bless You" could be easily interpreted as a person's wish for "good fortune" upon you. [Which could be considered a compliment. ^_^] - I get more offended when someone who finds out about my lack of belief says they'll "PRAY FOR ME." - ugh... like I need that! But... everyone's so used to saying "bless you" after you sneeze... that it really has no meaning anymore.
Ought to ease up I think, not a big deal.


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