sometimes I feel a moment's worth of offense when someone says "God Bless You" to me.
and when I sneeze and someone says it, I never say thanks, which offends other people.

what is wrong with me? :(
does anyone else feel this way?

(sry, didnt know what category to put this under)

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lol that comic is how I feel.
I feel offended by:

Bless you
God is working miracles
Jesus H. Christ
You're going to hell
The Good Lord
The good book
The holy word
Good is God
Lord Have mercy
Father forgive me
I'm going to pray over it/you
"Im not dealing with "this" i'm turning over to Jesus/God/the lord)"
All praises be to God/Jesus
I didnt do it God/Jesus did iy
*my favorite "make you're all prayed up" what the fuck is that? get the fuck out of my face
In God we trust (all others pay cash)
God/Jesus is the head of my life
all praise be to God

Should I keep going?
I just use Gesundheit, which means 'Good health'

Although lately, I've heard far more people say 'Cover your mouth!' than bless you...
'cuz that's a guy that gets stuff done, lol.
I don't feel offended. I don't see it as proselytizing or anything like that. I just see it as people trying to be polite. The phrase has become a part of our society's vocabulary and I don't think that most people even think about it as being a religious phrase anymore. It has just become what you say when someone sneezes. I think if we get upset at people saying "Bless you" when we sneeze then we are just contributing to the "angry atheist" myth that so many Christians believe.
So "angry" is the atheist stereotype?
Unfortunately. At least that seems to be the opinion of many christians.
I'm in agreement with Aric. I'm willing to bet an overwhelming majority of folks don't even stop to think about what it is they are saying when it comes to such cliches or 'social commentary'. Most people probably think it would be rude to say nothing at all.
When I hear someone sneeze, I ask them 'are you catching cold?'
Goodbye is a contraction of "God be with ye". If that starts to eat at you, you probably have thin skin.
I say "Bless you" or "Gazoontite" or however it's spelled. I find most people just say "Bless you" as well.
I will say "bless you" or "Gesundheit". I don't really care, and I don't think many people still associate it with its religious connotations now. It's just something people say when someone sneezes. In fact, I didn't even realize it had any religious meaning until I was about 12 or 13. Until then I thought it was a word that was spelled and pronounced like "bleshu". I actually still pronounce it like that. I never distinctly say "bless you". I just slur the two words together.

In any case, it's a harmless phrase that really just means the person is wishing you good health. I can't really get offended for that.


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