I just read a fascinating article on teenageatheist.com.  She talks about dying and there being "nothing".  Even though zillions of years passed before her 16 years on earth, she now exists and doesn't want it to end.

I believe my life will end and I will go to the same place I was in 10 million BC or 1940.  Nowhere.  

As an atheist, do you believe there is life after death?  Or do you think there's just nothing; that you cease to exist and that's the end?

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I don't care about the non-existing so much as I care about how exactly the existing is going to end. I want it to be fast and painless. Although lately I've been concerned about earthquakes, since I live on a big ass fault line thats statistically overdue for a big one. But yeah, I figure once I'm dead then I won't care about being dead because I'll be dead, ya know? And if I'm wrong and there is an afterlife, well I just hope there aren't any fundies there. Because there's no greater punishment than spending eternity surrounded by religious fundamentalists.
I agree - I'm worried about the ending more than what comes after it.
Once I'm dead I wont have the consciousness to worry what happens. I would be dead. Which to me is a good thing. Because when I'm done, I'm done. Peace out.

Thank you for this thoughtful reply. I agree that much of what I have written above could fuel other debates. It is for this reason – and the fact that Halloween celebrations are already well under way – that I have dedicated my October WordPress blogs to the topic of death. Those that seem appropriate for ThinkAtheist will be reposted to my page. For instance, I will be post a short story tonight, that touches on the idea of our expectations of mortality.

I look forward to reading more of your thoughts on this subject that effects us all. And your English is very clear. I am certain it is far better than I would do with your native tongue.

There's no evidence of consciousness surviving beyond death, so no, I don't believe in it. It'd be nice, but no.

I'm not particularly afraid not not existing after I die, any more than I fear not having existed before I was born. I'd prefer to keep existing for as long as I'm enjoying life, of course.


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