Hey all, this is kind of my foundation of atheism so I thought i'd post it as my introduction. First post! I've mostly been an agnostic throughout my life but I came to find that I don't even believe in the soul. There is just as little evidence in a soul as there is in evidence of a god. That is what made start calling myself an atheist. In fact I find it hard to understand how an atheist could believe in souls and if one does i'd like to know their reasoning behind it. Anyway, this is my take on it...


I believe consciousness is an emergent property of our incredibly complex biology. This belief does not make me any less in awe of life.


I believe the soul is something humans invented to ease man's natural fear of death. A fear shared by all life. The idea of the soul came before their respective religions. Tribes of early man wanted to understand this thing called death and wanted to give hope and understanding to those mourning lost loved ones. So they implanted the idea that when one dies they are merely shifting onto another plain of existence. They could again see their loved ones. They would again be able to experience life in another form.


This idea then needed to evolve with man. It needed a "backstory" or mythology, if you will an explanation or religion. So man, governments, those in power began inventing them. Most incarnations of these mythologies (religions) if you think about it are nothing more than explanations for where your soul goes when you die. But noone stops to think about WHY they actually believe they have a soul to begin with.


I believe when we die we will once again experience that which we experienced before we were born. Nothingness. Remember that time? Before you were born. There was nothing. That is what we will be returned to in death. Can this not be beautiful?

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Just out of curiousity, does anybody have a problem with the soul as a contradiction to the selflesness that a good many religions demand? The continued existance of the individual should be irrelivent in a system that ecourages complete cooperation and unity wouldn't you think?


This is one of the big problems I've always had with the concept of a literal soul. Its just like the idea of heaven as incentive to be a good and moral person. I was just curious if anyone else feels the same way? I always thought the concept of the soul was a very narcisistic concept.

I think if humans were disillusioned with the idea of the soul they would realize that all that there is is here on earth and then they would would work harder to protect the earth. Work harder to remove our dependency on fossil fuels etc...

I'm agnostic on the subject, personally. 

I do not feel I know enough of the variables to make an educated judgement, but I'm not having kids, so it's sort of a problem for those of you that are. 

In the interest of preventing anymore thread hijacking, though.. I'm going to have to ask that we carry this conversation on in a separate post. If you would like to author or add to one already in existence elsewhere, please feel free to send me a link! 


I find this to be quite insightful into the matter. It also happens to be from a scientist.


Great video - although right at the end I think it falls way off course.  By dragging in the record of 'faith based healing' it changes the question from that of the existence of the soul that that of the existence of a 'super-soul' or 'god' that can be entreated to intervene in the natural order of things.  That record is strong evidence that no such super-soul or 'god' exists, but I don't think it addresses the issue of the soul.
The ending is embedded message to the intented target - the Discovery Institute. Probably why it drifts from the rest. He's got a lot of good videos, a subscription tip. :)
Thanks - he does seem to take a pretty even handed approach.

Arcus, that is a great video. I'm subscribed up! I love how he points out that at least some of the properties of a "soul" can be lost by damage to the brain and if that is the case what is the soul without the brain? He puts it very well.


Here's a quote from Carl Sagan's wife regarding them not being able to see each other again after death: http://mrevaaaaa.tumblr.com/post/4395830934/a-quote-from-ann-druyan...

I don't believe in a soul, but the idea of consciousness still continues to blow my mind.   It feels like it's an entity that should transcend the body, but I know that makes no sense and I reject any theory that pretends that it does.  Feeling alone is not any kind of proof.  So, no I don't believe in a soul and I don't really believe consciousness can exist outside of the brain.   I just wish it did.


At 85, it has been a great many decades since I 'believed'. I was a 'cradle Catholic', but departed the flock as a very young man. The concept of 'the soul' was advanced as a means of control - & funding.

RE: "I believe the soul is something humans invented to ease man's natural fear of death. A fear shared by all life." - While it's true that all animals will avoid danger, and to that extent, I suppose it could be said that they fear death, few, if any other animals really understand the concept of death. A mother chimp, with whom we share 97% of DNA, for example, was filmed carrying her dead baby around for weeks before finally abandoning it.

There's a good possibility that we are the only animals that know we are going to die.

Sorry, dragotron, but I see nothing beautiful in nothingness, the complete absence of consciousness, of  physical or mental stimulation, is not a condition for which I would ever find myself longing. When I think of all of the things I know, that I didn't used to know, and try to imagine all that I could learn, that I don't know now, I don't want it to end, but there's nothing I can do about it.

Souls? Naaah --

You must be kidding. I think anyone who believes in a soul as a spirit distinct from and independent of the body can't be a very serious atheist because such a view is both illogical and without empirical basis. The only rational use of the term "soul" is as a synonym for "consciousness."


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