This post is purely a diversion. 

Card tricks belong to that most basic kind of trickery called "sleight of hand." Using only some playing cards, talented magicians seemingly do the impossible, and nobody does it better than this young magician. Meet Shim Lin who seems to do things in total defiance of the laws of the universe. BTW, he's self-taught!

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This reminds me of a discussion on a Laser Forum of all places...wherein a guy insisted that he had evidence of demons.

The evidence was a youtube of some street magicians's acts "doing things that are impossible without demonic assistance".

The magicians did not say anything about demons, the poster figured it out all by himself.

IE: If the guy can't figure out how the magician did his trick, it was obviously done supernaturally.

And, yes, the guy is a devout theist.

SO the twist is its the "Demon of the Gaps Argument"


Waaay back, in graduate studies at Rutgers in the 70's optical illusions/visual perception stuff I was involved in unlocked much of the "slight of hand" and misdirection well as a lot of other ways to make you think  you saw something you didn't or visa versa.

Its a fascinating field.

Thanks for posting. He is good. I can admire the brilliance of someone or something without needing to take it apart. 

Now, as flamboyant and astonishing as Shin Lim is, Ricky Jay is the reigning cardmaster when it comes to subtlety. (BTW, if he looks familiar, he's also a character actor who has many movie and TV roles under his belt, sometimes even playing himself.)

Here's why you wouldn't want to play poker with Ricky Jay:

An unusual but great film - Hard Eight.


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