I got into a heated discussion with two of my Christian friends about the proper way to raise a boy. I explain to them that if my future son were to ask me for a doll, I would gladly buy it for him. 

They immediately told me I would ruin his life and by allowing him to play with dolls how would he know that he was a boy and act like a boy?

I try to prove my point by asking who says it isn't right but they would not listen and told me I was "closed-minded" and my son was going to end up wanting to be a girl and wear dresses.

My question to you all is do you believe in teaching gender roles on to your children or will you let them become whoever they desire? 

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You... asked your own questions... assuming I made a claim that never happened.

You said - I know what flavors I enjoy. I know what scents I enjoy... I know they are not due to biology... nothing feels different about it than other preferences.

Your explicit claim here is that taste and scent preferences are conditioned. I agreed they can be culturally conditioned in some cases, then simply asked "but is this always the case?" and went on to provide an example of twin 4 month olds from the same household with different taste preferences.

Your response of How does using an example with twins help your argument? (my argument being that not all taste preferences are necessarily culturally conditioned) I'm curious because it appears to be evidence for mine. (your argument being that taste is conditioned.)

I did not assume anything and you now say that you never made this claim. I disagree, though we're beating at dead horse at this point.

I edited out the line which was irrelevant to my example. Had I used a scent example, I would have edited out the flavor line.

I posed the question "is this always the case?" and gave an example to clarify. That is not a straw man. If you were not claiming taste is always due to conditioning, your response probably should have immediately been "no, not always." It wasn't until you used the phrase "your argument" and "mine" that I assumed we must be on different pages.


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