In a sense, I know that we should respect everybody, but do we really just need to keep quiet when crazy religious people preach and yell and affect law? I personally don't think so. Maybe I am too closed minded, but I think the more vocal the atheist community becomes and LESS vocal the religious community can be the world would be better off...Faith is not based in fact, as everybody knows. So why not publicly denounce all faiths as ignorant and detrimental. 

Does anybody else have any thoughts on this?

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RE: "We have cookies." - So does Safari, the Mac browser!

Hmmmm....  Linux/Ubuntu and even regular windows has a host of non-proprietary and sometimes free software That you can run on LOTS of different systems....  and Mac requires the purchase of new overpriced hardware, and software and the restrictions of their operating system...  I can also run Safari on my PC... as well as Firefox, Opera, Chrome and others...

Our cookies are ultimate fudge cookies!! LOL

I've had Firefox and Opera for years, and really don't care for Chrome, but could run it if I chose. Macs and the Mac OS are created by the same company, and far more likely to be compatible than Windows and the computers it works on, made by two different concerns, hence Windows' trademarked crashes. I know of no such restrictions on the Mac OS, and I've had Macs since the early 90's, with zero crashes.

Little Billy Gates used to be Steve Jobs gopher, and the first Tweet Steve made after he died, was that heaven had no walls, therefore - no Windows and no Gates!:)) laughing

BTW - cool avatar!


Apple didn't create OS X. They just added the lipstick. Before it was renamed OS X, it was just a flavor of BSD Unix, which lives on today as PC-BSD, Free BSD, and Net BSD

OS X is free open source Unix, made proprietary by being pegged to ex$pen$ive Mac hardware. You're a 'nix user, but unlike the rest of the Unix/Linux community, you paid big bucks, OS X Unix doesn't work on cheap PC hardware, you can't modify (or even look at) the source code, and Apple manipulates their APIs and DRM to ensure a never-ending cycle of vendor lock-in. You don't use Apple. Apple uses you.

I still shake my head when I see people using a $2800 MacBook with that giant, white, Apple light-bulb on the lid. They're attractive to the eye but what a lousy value for what you get.

Yeah, I knew X was Unix, but I wasn't aware of all of the particulars. Frankly, though X has a more polished look, I could do more with OS 9 and lower, than with X, and in fact, don't have a MacBook, but rather an iBook G4, which allows me to partition and run both X and 9, otherwise, I'd have had to replace a couple of thousand dollars worth of software that will run on 9, but not on X.

Um... Bill Gates was NEVER Steve Jobs "Gopher"..  they were contemporaries true enough and Jobs had wanted to buy some of Gates programs but Gates refused the offer and went to IBM for more money. Also remember that Windows came first, before the Mac and BOTH were based on Sun's PARC work on GUI's.  I started on a PDP-11 and programming punch cards and have followed the tech all throughout. 

The Mac has always been more "arts" related, being initially much stronger with graphics and sound, whereas the PC was directed towards business concerns. They have become essentially equivalent with preferences based mostly on personal taste. I have owned, built or used computers from Altair, Kaypro, Commodore, Radio Shack, Compaq, Apple and IBM,

If you want something easy to use and functional that you don't have to worry about too much, pay a little extra for the convenience and get a Mac.  If you want something with the widest variety of options and uses,  Get a PC base and a la carte the rest that you need. Yes it can take a little more work and a little more knowledge but you can mold it into what you really want and/or need, not what one company decides you want.

Neither is truly superior, each is just more suited to their users.

Thanks on the avatar, that is my personal 'heraldry' that I designed for use in the SCA

no, they dont respect us why should we respect them?


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