In a sense, I know that we should respect everybody, but do we really just need to keep quiet when crazy religious people preach and yell and affect law? I personally don't think so. Maybe I am too closed minded, but I think the more vocal the atheist community becomes and LESS vocal the religious community can be the world would be better off...Faith is not based in fact, as everybody knows. So why not publicly denounce all faiths as ignorant and detrimental. 

Does anybody else have any thoughts on this?

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RE: "'stas loco!!" - Por supuesto, mi amor - todo el mundo lo dicen --

'I keep going back and forth like a ping pong ball'. Sadly, I also do this also because of some residual concern that 'I might have missed something'. I think it is honesty demanding you stay on task, 'to thy own self be true'.

Franklin Graham: Obama Won Because 'We've Turned Our Back on God'

Franklin Graham, the son of Rev. Billy Graham, says that President Barack Obama's re-election is just further evidence that "we've turned our back on God."

Well, it is obvious, the mormons just didn't pray hard enough, or their god just did not think they were good enough, or god was off playing golf. I wonder what xians and especially mormons think about not winning, 'cause they would have worn their knees out.

Da debble did it!>:) devil

Quite often, while discussing why I do not "believe" with a xian, I will ask them "How many times does your religion have to be wrong, or let you down before you get the clue that it is nothing but a delusion?"  I'm quite sure that hundreds, if not thousands of Americans "prayed" for Romney to take us in a "new direction" (most probably directly into Armageddon), and yet he failed to accomplish this task.  They would, of course, attribute this to "free will" without even realizing that they are arguing against their own delusion in the process.  Either yhwh controls things, or we are all stuck with free will.  How can it possibly be both?  Just another contradiction among hundreds within their superstition-based cult.

I did not pray, I did not donate, I did not even promote, but Obama won any way, seems like a miracle of statistics to me...LOL

One can buy knee pads for about $10 from Harbor Freight!

But I expect that a nice set of techician's screw drivers might be helpful, for about $5! After they reset the gain on their BS sensor, they could fix their eye glasses.


I seem to be of two minds on this issue.

On the one hand, many religions attempt to model compassion, hope, courage, and wisdom. On the other hand, they seem to offer us some of the worst examples of intolerance, bigotry, racism, exploitation, etc.

I expect that religions offer us some attempt at institutionalized, and long term preservation of the abstract concepts of the 'good and just', but fail because these institutions are also made up of people, trying to make a go of it with what skills and understanding they might have. The modeling does not seem to really work, in my estimation, because the people have not really become cognisant of their responsibility to apply these abstractions. This seems to demand of us independence of thought and self awareness in a social context. In the end any mandate, that a religious institution might make, is only as effective as humans can apply them. Ultimately, any mandate, will reduce to only what humans can carry out. This then seems to indicate to me that any theological concept of the 'good and just', will end up, in application, equal to one based upon basic social contracts. God and angels not with standing.

The issue of Respect, I think, emerges out of the unreasonable enlargement of institutional abstractions, over individual human choice and applications of intelligence.     

"The issue of Respect, I think, emerges out of the unreasonable enlargement of institutional abstractions, over individual human choice and applications of intelligence."

Here, here!    


I was really hopping that I was not blowing smoke out my arse with that one!


We must respect the other fellow's religion, but only in the sense and to the extent that we respect his theory that his wife is beautiful and his children smart
--H. L. Mencken

I would rather respect the individual's right to be delusional than unknowingly help perpetuate the religion itself. 


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