Of course, this is aimed primarily at the U.S. citizens here. If you look at the modern democracies with national religions, church attendance is very low. Far lower than in the United States. Is a national religion the best tool atheists would have to promoting religious apathy or even disbelief?

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I'd be delighted to do something like that, but only as a way to dismantle the fallacy of "big tent Christianity".  We'd have to pick a denomination as the official religion, as there is no single Church of Christianity. 

When someone gets up on the stump and proclaims themselves a "Christian", we need to loudly question which specific branch they believe in.  We cannot allow them to pretend they're all the same - the more we openly question them, the more that lie falls apart.  Look back to when JFK ran for president, and you'll see an environment where his Catholicism was viewed as a roadblock rather than an asset.  We need to re-focus the "big tent Christians" on seeing their differences.

When someone wants to put up the Ten Commandments in a public building, agree with them wholeheartedly, with the provision that they must identify which version (http://www.positiveatheism.org/crt/whichcom.htm) - by public referendum - is to be accepted. This typically results in backpedaling or saying that there's only one version.

One of the major successes of the Intelligent Design movement was the wedge strategy - surround your point of view with enough fluff and PR to elevate it to look as if it's on the same level as your opponent's position.  We can dismantle this by playing the factions against each other.  At 10,000 feet, everyone's a "Christian".  At 10 feet, there are dozens of factions that disagree on everything from transubstantiation to faith healing to women's role in the church.  

Let's play up those divisions and we'll reduce the big-tenters to petty infighting.

No... It would just give the theists more fuel for their 'the U.S. was built on Christian values". It's bad enough when they claim "In God We Trust" is evidence to that or that the Constitution was built off Christian tenants.

There should be a sign that says... Don't Feed The Theists.  

Sounds like a plan that could really backfire on us. The moment you give the Nutbag Fundies their "National Religion", you give them another bullet in their arsenal. They'll use it to justify more hatred, more bigotry, more oppression, etc etc etc...

Give no ground, and never surrender. Atheism will win out eventually.

oh hellll naw

   For all practical purposes, it already is.

I've previously made a blog post to that effect.

Nationalizing religion is something which was invented by Henry VIII and Cromwell circa 1530, and has been a good idea ever since.

Maybe the National Church of the Subgenius! Any one who signs on would have to smoke a pipe, and wear a suit and tie. That might shut them UP!

hell to the no. People don't start hating state religions until AFTER state religions have fucked shit up. (see French Revolution, etc). I would prefer the fucked-upness of our shit to remain at a moderate level, or preferably decrease, thank you very much.

[see also Rob Klaers's post]

Imo, there is little hope for Americans, at least in my lifetime - we have so much Christian propoganda and so many Christian politicians out there making laws and implementing policies that it will be a long time before there is a majority of apathy or disbelief.

So much for the First Amendment.......  State religion = BAD idea.


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