Do we need to abandon all moral ideologies because we are atheist?

Why does it seem that there are so many atheists who want to go the exact opposite extreme of religion?  Maybe I’m more of a humanist then because I do still have a very strong ethical code that I decided on using logic and a true sense of compassion towards others.  Moral judgment can be based on the net positives it can provide for the whole of society.  Aren’t we all striving to improve ourselves and our communities? Freedom is a wonderful thing worth fighting for, but if those freedoms are not for the betterment of society then we must question if that particular freedom would be best if regulated instead.

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So are you saying atheists do not have an ethical code based on logic? Are you saying atheists do not used moral judgement? Because it sounds like you're saying we don't, which is completely untrue. Please tell me I'm wrong.

As for me, I think real morals are helping your fellow homo sapien for the altruistic act of it rather than doing it to appease your deity or the hopes of preferential treatment in an afterlife. For me, real morals are being a good person in helping with the advancement of the world and mankind. For me, real morals are not "waiting until marriage for sex" or "remaining a virgin". In contrast, I think it is unhealthy for anyone past the age of 20 at the latest to be a virgin. I think to suppress your sexuality like that is to suppress a part of who you are and has been imposed upon you as an ideal by people who think they have morality on their side; in which I believe to be utterly immoral. So, what exactly is morality? It depends on how you define it.

Freedom is a wonderful thing worth fighting for, but if those freedoms are not for the betterment of society then we must question if that particular freedom would be best if regulated instead.


Can you please provide an example as to what you might be alluding to?

1. Every atheist have different perspective tho some are similar, some are even against.

2. what is moral actually ? to define whats right and whats wrong..and religion teach that, right....i forgot how human unable to learn by themselves on how to decide.

3. logic & compassion.....and why do atheist turned being one ?

4. its better you state the actual thing that you are having problem with rather than an abstract thing which anyone can define in many ways.

I do not believe that morality has anything to do with religion. A christian friend of mine asked me the other day what was stopping me from murdering my neighbour and taking his posessions. I replied by saying that his view would suggest that he tows the line only because he fears God. At least atheists are genuine in their actions.


Anyway, read the bible and then tell me about morality!

I'm not really sure what you're getting at. If you're asking "why are there so few extremely conservative atheists" my answer would have to be...


Reality has a well-known liberal bias.

-Stephen colbert

I disagree. I think liberals are quite as often just as ignorant and bias as the right (maybe a little less overall); but look at someone like Christopher Hitchens, to the left on some issues and to the right on others. I think one must think for themselves rather than just being a "liberal" or "conservative" or "Democrat" or "Republican"
I absolutely agree, Sassan.  Go with the issue, not the platform or party.

The OP wanted to know why so many atheists go the exact opposite extreme of religion and the last thread she posted on was regarding legalizing prostitution where the responses surprised her. She's not wrong. There aren't many extremely conservative atheists who share the majority of extremely conservative religious values. In fact, SE Cupp aside, I don't think I've ever known one.


Of course there are ignorant people from every political label, as well as freethinkers who find themselves on all sides of various issues. But extremely conservative views (particularly on social issues like the one it seems sparked this post) most often stem from religious dogma and indoctrination, not logic and critical thinking about reality. My comment was no different than saying "religion has a well known conservative bias." I was also half joking because the original post seems a bit vague.

It depends on how you define conservative. There are quite a few Objectivist Atheists. Libertarianism is the the very peak of conservatism.


Even though most people believe republicans to be conservative, Id dare say someone who holds an Ayn Rand like view of conservatism would laugh at that given their constant need to encroach on personal freedom a pure tenant of conservative values.

A valid point. Language is imperfect. But rather than get into a semantics wank over each of our personal definitions of a half dozen political terms due to a joke I made, I'll just link everyone to the thread I believe sparked this post since the OP has yet to clarify what she means by atheists abandoning moral ideologies or not having a strong ethical code.

Ugh.  Anarchists drive me crazy.  Lol, I'm sure that's part of the appeal.  It's just so juvenile.


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