Do we need a Sunday? A weekend? A weekly day-off?

I thought if Sunday is a day-off because god has it when he created the universe as in genesis. We atheists say, genesis is another story to serve personal and certain people interests.

what about the day-off? sunday for christians, friday for muslims, saturday for jews, now it's a weekend that consists of two days in certain countries.

If my weekly day off became from religious origin I don't want it. but then i thought can i work 7 days a week? In today's economies and industries it's hard to work 7/7.

but still I insist I don't want a religious day off, what to do?

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Specialization of labour really requires some cycle of "non-working' days to keep morale up and allow for exchange of goods. It seems to me that early civilizations would have realized this very quickly, at least having some regular cycle for 'market days'.

My current line of work requires me most on weekends, which is just fine with me - I love having Monday and Tuesday off because all the stores & banks are open. During the week I keep my household chores minimal and keep the bigger jobs for my 'days off'. I'm very glad to have two full days to take care of my personal matters without wasting half of one of them in the mindless ceremony of church.

If you don't want your Sunday to be religious, then don't make your schedule for that day a ritual. Change it up, and do sinful things, like masturbating, drinking beer, smoking weed, and trolling Christians on youtube. Go to a ball game, practice guitar, write a poem. Live!

I don't believe that days off were created to celebrate religion. It's much more likely that  various religions hijacked existing days off to drive people into their places of worship. Don't worry about it.

I that I'm not religious, I don't make myself follow certain rules or feel guilty about things because of their hidden meanings or whatever.  I like having weekends because they are important, and it's nice to have time off.  I celebrate holidays with my family.  I still see Sunday as a family day.  It's ridiculous to boycott something that is ultimately good just because it used to mean something symbolic.  If I wanted to continue living a legalistic life I would have remained religious.  Just take the freaking Sunday off and be happy about it.

Well I actually work in retail so I have to work on Sundays, and most other people have to too (regardless of faith or lack there of).

I am entitled to at least two days off per week, and I do need it. I'm Irish and I need to get drunk every so often haha

Everyone needs a day off, otherwise you end up working yourself into an early grave. Whether that be Sunday or Monday or Thursday or whenever, it's only a religious day if you make it one. If you don't do anything religious on that day then it's just a secular day off.

I suggest taking the day off and get a life! I think we should have the opportunity of 'mental health holidays', days off that can be taken randomly. I have tried working for months, 7 days aweek, it is condusive to nuttyness..;p(

I think we need at least two resting days a week, I am 23 years old and from time to time I have work a month without any resting days and 12 work hours a day, which resultet in the fact that I kinda like the weekends, even though I am studying now, I need the rest days where I don't have to attent any classes and max. have to do some homework, but it don't have to be two days in a row, but it is nice.

But I do agree with @Mark Say on his idea about how Sunday was made up to be the day of the Lord 


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