When i read the newspaper (some people still read those) and i read an article about politicians, new policies or debates between different parties i never worry about their religion. Mostly because they generally don't have one or those who do have some sort of "connection" with god tend to believe in evolution. However it's worrying when i hear of politicians who don't believe in evolution or think that gays are immoral. It worrys me when they don't understand other religions or atheism. And it can be uncomfortable for me to think that they are in high places of power. Do you think that politicians shouldn't be theist? Will it only damage the country if they believe in a god? Can anything be done, at all?

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We have plenty of politicians in the U.S. that deny evolution and think that gays are immoral. Just take a look at pretty much any elected official in the Bible belt and Utah. I've never been to the south (I wouldn't want to go anyway), but here in Utah it is pretty much a theocracy. Our legislators would never pass anything that the LDS church doesn't support. Just look at the crazy ass alcohol laws and the section of our constitution where it says that marriage can only be between a man and a woman. Also, gambling is illegal here and unmarried couples aren't allowed to adopt. The fucking mormons control everything, and no one else here has a voice at all.
Mormans! That cult full of scam artists, they have a say? -_- that ain't right.
Are you kidding? They have more than just a say, they make up like 90% of our elected officials.

So basically your question is directed at Republicans, right? Ha, just a little joke (but true). Anytime a public figure makes comments that are not factual is dangerous. I believe that politicians are fairly smart people and their goal is to get elected, pure and simple. Religion is a great tool they use to garner support because the majority of Americans are religious.  I guess what I'm saying is that politicians will say anything, regardless of their own beliefs, if it helps them politically. I guarantee some are secret atheists (I'm looking at YOU Obama!).

People like Sarah Palin however, is borderline fundamentalist. She is the poster mom for everything you stated above...pro-creation, anti-gay, anti-intelligence....etc. She's dangerous because there's a million people at her party and she's spiking the punch bowl. People are getting drunk with stupidity. The country is all ready in a dire state with our educational system, knowledge of nutrition, and a broken economy. We don't need this folksy hockey mom creating false patriotism and promoting ideals that are not sustainable. I mean she mocked  Michelle Obama for taking a stance against child obesity, which is a REAL problem in the U.S. Sarah has this idea that being patriotic means doing whatever the f*ck we want, even if it means giving our children diabetes at the age of 16 and NEVER saying sorry for our actions...because the U.S. has never been wrong, right Sarah?

You wouldn't think politicians were smart if you lived in Utah and heard the nonsense that comes out of our legislators' mouths every year. Just listen to Chris Buttars, Gary Herbert, or Michael Waddoups speak and you'll loose all faith in the U.S. political system, if not humanity in general.


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