I had a christian tell me last week that according to christian belief, those afflicted with mental illness go to hell. I felt this was seriously out of line and informed the christian of a mental health clinic not far away that would accept his insurance. Of course he won't go because that would almost certainly damn his soul for all eternity.  Is this really in their bible?

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Yes. That was why the word 'correct' was in quotes since neither would actually be correct - just accurate according to the local lore.

I didn't mean to make that distinction to contradict you Ward, it's just that this entire thread is a bit irrelevant, inasmuch as there is no hell, no mentally ill person, not even Rick Santorum, could possibly go there, as much as we might like to see it happen.

pax vobiscum,

Can those who suffer from grand delusions be considered to suffer a form of mental illness? I have met many seriously deluded people who claim to be able to hear god talking to them and that he watches them all the time (paranoia) and can even read their very thoughts. Most of them also claim that he can do magic stuff and bring dead people back to life and hide dinosaur fossils deep underground. They are disturbed enough to believe everything is covered by some biblical verse. I hope they go to heaven instead.

Now to find a door to this room and go home to tend to my fronkeys.

Yes in straight jackets.

There is NO such a place- so nobody can go there- unless you mean Hell, Grand Cayman, or maybe Hell, Norway. No such a thing or place- so NO they and no-one else can go there... mentally ill, serial killer, Hitler or (add  horrible person here) can NOT go anywhere after death..

I'm mentally ill and I don't being put in the same sentence with these guys.

mentally ill, serial killer, Hitler or (add  horrible person here) can NOT go anywhere after death..

I'm not Mad, upset if you want check out my web page and find out a little more about me.


I think there is still sort of a stigma about being mentally ill in the church.  Because when you become a Christian, the Holy Spirit is supposed to free you from all the bonds of whatever is keeping you from a fulfilled life.  So when people have mental health issues, there can be shame with that because they don't feel like a good enough Christian, or maybe they feel like God is disciplining them or testing them or something.

However, the stigma is changing, slowly but surely.  In my own family, there is a history of bipolar and depression, and I know lots and lots of other people who have different mental illnesses.  As my stepmom (a devout Christian) says:"If you see a doctor for a physical illness, why wouldn't you see a doctor for a mental illness?"

I think a big part of it is that the behavioral sciences for so long have been misunderstood by the public at large.  I know there are still a lot of secular people even, who are very skeptical of counselors and psychologists.  Until these misguided ideas about the behavioral sciences change, then our society in general will still have a lot of qualms about it.  I think a lot of people, religious or not, feel like having mental illness equals weakness, when it absolutely does not.  We need to get over that and accept help where it is necessary.

But I do know, that there is no where in the Bible that says anything about the mentally ill going to hell.  I think there are some people who believe that for instance, someone with schizophrenia might be possessed rather than truly ill, but even then, I have never heard anyone say that they are going to go to hell.  Instead, the person would be prayed over for healing and the demons would be prayed away.  But that's an extreme case, and as far as I know it only really happens in the crazy fundie off the charts churches like WBC, and not in ordinary mainstream churches.

Crist, "stigma?"  The church is the asylum. The "stigma" comes in when you are an atheist.

It's Cristyn, and the stigma exists both in and out of the church.  I've been on both sides, I've seen it on both sides.  I'm also quite involved in the behavioral sciences, as there is mental illness in my family, and I'm also married to someone who is studying it.  It's a big part of my life, and I realize you may see this as anecdotal, but nevertheless, yes, there is a stigma about psychology, and it exists both within the church and outside of it.

Im still trying to figure out how you distinguish the diagnosed mentally ill from the rest of the fruitcakes in the church.

Don't know where to post this shining tribute to the benefits of religion, so I'll stick it in here:

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