The last time he came in here I threw him out and told him not to come back.

Well he came back and now he's dead.

Wasn't there a movie a while ago "All Dogs go to Heaven"?

So now the question is do Opossum get to go too?

Tomorrow I will have to open the floor and fix the bullet holes in the plumbing,  I think the nasty thing should go straight to HELL! 

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Is that where they escaped to?? I was wondering. They are easy to farm and make good petting animals for frustrated witless Jehovah Witnesses. I would not presume to know too much about opossums.

Sometimes I think that this website is nothing but a hategroup against Possums. Its almost like you are obsessed with attacking the mountain of negative qualities of Possums and ignoring the mole hill of positive ones. After all...Possums are just a concept.

Davis you may be right I put a bowl of water in there with some of the cat's food (I tell myself I'm ore-baiting a trap that I don't have yet).

pre-baiting not ore-baiting...however now that I think about it maybe the UMF would prefer rocks to eat, he certainly has enough teeth for the job.

Awwww, sweet!

Name it Bambi!

Gentlemen we mustn't forget these creatures are from the UMF Kingdom, we can't let our guard down or EVIL VILE thoughts will take over our minds. Did you notice that vile and evil are composed from the same four letters?  That's doG speaking to us in a mysterious way.

Haha, and GOOGLE respells into GLOOGE. (ok i just made that up on the fly)

So if you have any predatory animules (err animals) you want to keep hanging around, don't forget *not* to put rat poison out in public (err, outdoors).

(So I looked up ore-baiting and google corrected me. You can say now that you just "pwned" me.)

I got enough crap in my life owning a pope is the last thing I want.

Elvis the baby pussum has left the building...thank the baby jessy.  I hope he has a wonderful life somewhere else.

Turns out the UMF was in fact a MOM and one of her kids is currently in my bathroom eating cat food and drinking fresh water.  Tomorrow I'm calling the Possum People to come get him.  I guess Elvis didn't really leave the building after all. :)

I think that opossums may be closely related to cats.


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