Did you know....that 3 out of 100 rapes actually get prosecuted?

The following link explains:

http://www.rainn.org/news-room/97-of-every-100-rapists-receive-no-p... [admin edit:

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97 of Every 100 Rapists Receive No Punishment, RAINN Analysis Shows

Only three out of every 100 rapists will ever spend even a single day in prison, according to a new analysis by RAINN of Justice Department data. The other 97 will walk free, facing no consequences for the violent felony they have committed. Because rapists tend to be serial criminals, this leaves communities across the nation at risk of predators.

While the percentage of rapes reported to police has risen in recent years, a majority — 54% — still are not reported, according to the Justice Department. But increasing reporting alone won't solve the problem: only about one out of four reported rapes leads to an arrest, and only about one out of four arrests leads to a felony conviction and incarceration.

RAINN's new analysis is based on the most recent available Justice Department data, using an average of the five most recent years when available. Based on older data, RAINN had previously estimated that about 6% of rapists ultimately go to prison for their crime.

"This staggering statistic sends a clear message to offenders that they can commit this horrible crime and get away with it. The single most important thing we can do to prevent rape is to put more rapists in prison," notes Scott Berkowitz, RAINN's president and founder. "That's why we have made it a priority to pass the SAFER Act and eliminate the backlog of untested DNA evidence from open rape cases." [/admin edit]

How can this be in the US?
Aren't we supposed to serve justice?

We have a long way to go.

Ladies keep your pepper spray close, and take no shit.

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It's not even the medical staff, they have no say except to report the details of what happened. It's that the criminal justice system is so overloaded with cases that if the DA thinks they won't get a conviction (for whatever reason) charges are not filed, therefore no arrest is made, therefore the hours spent on the "forensic exams" are a waste because the "evidence" is in a box collecting dust, while the DA is sitting in a cozy office drinking coffee making a judgment call out of a half-assed written police report and (maybe) a recorded statement. NONE of the pieces fit together, and everyone has a different priority, everyone has good intentions, but ultimately nothing gets done. There's "definitions" for everything EXCEPT for - what the hell doesn "beyond a reasonable doubt" mean. ??????

No one knows....or if they do it's not the same for the next person.

So much for good ol' common sense.

There's "definitions" for everything EXCEPT for - what the hell doesn "beyond a reasonable doubt" mean. ??????

It supposed to mean that if a jury can find sufficient reason to doubt that he committed the crime, they must acquit rather than convict. The prosecution has the burden of proof to show 'beyond reasonable doubt' that the accused committed the crime.

What that means in the 'real world', I really can't say, because ultimately the meaning of "reasonable" is whatever a jury decides it means. The make-up of the jury, the judge assigned to the case, the skill of the prosecuting attorney, and how good the legal representation the accused can afford all have an impact on that.


I'm proud to say that once the situation with rape kits was pointed out to the AG in my state (Ohio) he saw to it that they would all get processed, and arrests are already being made.

Why this backlog developed is worth a hearing or two. Was it lack of funds for expensive tests or simply a lack of will?

Thanks for the edit moderators. My apologies. Thanks :)

You are assuming that we have a functioning justice system in the US.  It is my opinion that we have a judicial system rather than a justice system.  There are far too many instances where the right thing--i.e. justice--is not done.

Pepper spray doesn't really solve anything, believe me. A change in culture and the patriarchal structure might. 


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