Do Corporate Leaders Pay Attention to Their Bottom Line: Their Profits?

Customer protests have moved a few companies to quit ALEC (the most extreme of the many conservative lobbying organizations).

Will customer protests move companies to reconsider their use of our money?

They take our money without our consent in the prices they charge and also without our consent give it to politicians who want our votes.

We know what the winning politicians do: they make laws that favor those companies.

The US Supreme Court majority are blind to this theft of our money.

The politicians who owe their elections to the theft won't stop it.

We will not soon amend the Constitution to add a direct initiative and referendum that will empower us to stop the theft.

Employees will not soon own the worst-offending companies and change their policies.

The militarized police will kill protestors whose anger blinds them to political means.

Economic action remains and can succeed. A selective boycott of the worst-offending companies who without our consent take our money and use it for their purposes might begin the change.

What say you?

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