The idea that there is a perfect match out there for everyone seems to be nonsense to me. Where is the evidence for this? And even if it were true that doesn't necessarily mean you will find that person. Maybe they are on the other side of the world, maybe they haven't been born yet or maybe they are dead - who knows. In the end we can settle for and love a person, but it's often far from a perfect soulmate.


And another thing -- when somone says "you will definitely meet someone eventually"  or "there is someone out there for everyone." How do they know this? Are they psychic? The bottom line is this: maybe you won't meet your match - ever! This is a very real possibility, it may seem depressing but it is true, and I'd take a cold reality over a comforting delusion anyday.


Your thoughts?

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People are not individuals to each other unless they interact and they can distinguish an individual from others.   To perceive any haphazard person as an individual, one has to be aware of the existence of this specific person.   

People cannot be cruel to each other, unless they have an influence or impact upon each other.  

Standing in a hidden corner at a distance, I did not see individuals and no individual did see me.    There was no mutual impact.  

You seem to be adding more details as the story progresses, e.g., "Standing in a hidden corner at a distance," as well as the past tense in the verbs to follow, which indicates that it is not a hypothetical situation, but that it actually happened. While there may not have been a mutual impact, there was at least an action, and that action serves as a Rorschach, that says much about the way you think.

Yes, I was in Lourdes and yes, the person with me and I stood in a hidden corner laughing about that hilarious spectacle.  

While we walked about the church, cave, fountain etc. between the pious people, we kept polite poker faces.  

We did not hurt one single person's feelings, our mockery was our private fun.   I refuse to accept any judgment or evaluation of my person for considering this correct behavior.   

So basically, you're saying that you laughed at the hopes and dreams of crippled people, but didn't allow them to see you ridiculing them.

Which brings us back to Rorschach --

The Rohrschach test is a very doubtful and unreliable diagnostic tool.   Interpreting my text as if it were ink blots tells more about you than about me.  

RE: "The Rohrschach test is a very doubtful and unreliable diagnostic tool." Interesting, that it remains in use. Is this your opinion, or does the psychological community concur?

RE: "We did not hurt one single person's feelings, our mockery was our private fun."

I once worked with Special Olympics. Can I assume, from your statement above, that if I only mocked those unfortunate retarded children privately, allowing no one to see me, that I could still hold my head high and consider myself a good person?

about the Rohrschach test - edit : it is Rorschach!!!

I derived several interesting things from your link:

  • Robert Todd Carroll appears to be noted best for his website to which your link directs, Skeptic's Dictionary online, rather than any significant academic work.
  • Carroll's PhD is in Philosophy, rather than Psychology, making him somewhat less than the ideal expert to deliver an opinion on the Rorschach.
  • Carroll must surely seem to see SOME value in the Rorshach, considering that he wrote, How. F.B.I. profiles are like expert Rorschach readings.
  • And lastly, even if we were to agree to discount the Rorschach entirely as a diagnostic tool, the fact would not be erased that your behavior proclaims your personality and, in the case of Lourdes, your mindset and lack of empathy for others less fortunate than yourself.

RE: "edit : it is Rorschach!!!" - yes, once in a great, great while, I will accidentally hit the "h" key. Usually, I will catch and change it, but it would appear that on this particular occasion, I did not - thank you for the correction.

Archaeoctopus, just because you had the foresight to put Newton in your corner doesn't make your scenario more plausible. How did this go from soulmates to death camps?

You should probably go back and follow the thread Paolo - it went from soul mate to soul mates laughing at cripples, then from there to death camps - it wasn't a simple leap.

Oh Archae please, not the A word! Hmm, surely even superior intellects are capable of occasional miscalculations. (I know I am. :)



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