The idea that there is a perfect match out there for everyone seems to be nonsense to me. Where is the evidence for this? And even if it were true that doesn't necessarily mean you will find that person. Maybe they are on the other side of the world, maybe they haven't been born yet or maybe they are dead - who knows. In the end we can settle for and love a person, but it's often far from a perfect soulmate.


And another thing -- when somone says "you will definitely meet someone eventually"  or "there is someone out there for everyone." How do they know this? Are they psychic? The bottom line is this: maybe you won't meet your match - ever! This is a very real possibility, it may seem depressing but it is true, and I'd take a cold reality over a comforting delusion anyday.


Your thoughts?

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I'm with Sylvia Brown on this.. there are no 'soul mates'. 

(Uh? What?  An atheist agreeing with a 'psychic'? The world is coming to an end... LOL) 

@Rob - RE: "The world is coming to an end" - you didn't get that from Sylvia, by any chance, did you?

"I'm with Sylvia Brown on this.. there are no 'soul mates'."

It's very difficult to prove a negative.

"Soulmates" ? What are we, twelve?

According to that "purrrrfect" match that gawd has for you is a mouse click away.

maruli - there are people I love to whom I grant the freedom to believe whatever they like.
Ghost the Smoker [wonderful name] -

"people can find true love in the world"

Hell yeah.
Edit - that sounds silly. It's not up to me to grant people the freedom to believe things. I just mean, I love them anyway, whatever kooky stuff they might believe.

@Simon - from Jonathan Livingston Seagull: "You have the freedom to be yourself, here, and now."

Alas, what good is the freedom to be yourself if you don't really have free will?

Aw cheeze, not that argument again. But you see, I do have free will, the will to end this discussion now.

That's a feeling, not a fact.



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