The idea that there is a perfect match out there for everyone seems to be nonsense to me. Where is the evidence for this? And even if it were true that doesn't necessarily mean you will find that person. Maybe they are on the other side of the world, maybe they haven't been born yet or maybe they are dead - who knows. In the end we can settle for and love a person, but it's often far from a perfect soulmate.


And another thing -- when somone says "you will definitely meet someone eventually"  or "there is someone out there for everyone." How do they know this? Are they psychic? The bottom line is this: maybe you won't meet your match - ever! This is a very real possibility, it may seem depressing but it is true, and I'd take a cold reality over a comforting delusion anyday.


Your thoughts?

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I am an Asoulmateist. It doesn't exist. Out of the possibly billion or so females on this planet, I'm sure there would be quite a ton that I would happily be able to live with for the rest of my life.  Even if it's just one out of every 10,000 females, that would still be 100,000 females that would make me the happiest I could be.  


That's a lot of soulmates, yeah?  

@Dustin   I agree and here's an example. My mother and father were high school sweethearts and were in love with each other till the day she died. After an appropriate period of grieving, he found another woman and has been with her for a couple decades. Some people are just made for monogamy.


Here's another example. One of my nephews met a wonderful girl and they became engaged. Then, she was diagnosed with a particularly virulent strain of cancer. He actually married her on her deathbed. A year or so later, he started dating a coworker, who our family loves equally. They just had a beautiful wedding. In both cases, they seemed to be made for each other.

I've dated many men, have had many friends, & none were soul-mates.

I got a cat 15 years ago with a strange beginning.  I wanted an orange cat, but this black cat liked me.  I went back to the San Francisco SPCA 4 times, for an orange cat, but that black cat kept drawing me in.  I came home one day, & someone had left a metal sign for BLACK CAT CIGARETTES in our lobby for free.  I took that as a sign to get the black cat. (Atheists have already called that a coincidence, but I stick to my belief that the sign was a sign for me. I believe in synchronicity, so please don't argue that with me.)

"Cougar" was the perfect cat for me. We developed our own language. I truly think he was a soul-mate - tho I think saying we had the strongest bond of anyone, human or other - is more accurate.

Cougar died in February & my HIV health began to decline.  I am refusing any treatment, as I've had enough of this Earthly existence.  I'm not afraid of death.

I often see my pets as "soul mates" too

I wish you well for the time you have left

I understand about your cat Cougar. My wife had a cat, Jasper a seal point Birman. I reckon that he remembered cats used to be worshiped as gods, he was such character. He died two years ago aged 19. He came to her as a kitten when Judith was 12 years old and I am told their bond was instant. Eight years on and Judith was in the middle of a two year long stay in hospital following dreadfully extensive injuries. I met her then as I was one of the nurses working the ward she was on. She was learning to walk, learning to talk again while still having surgeries to put parts of her back together so the things she was going through were tough - being a military nurse I had seen big strong men crack apart under much less. It was vary rare for Judith to be able to sleep very well, between the drugs, pain, and stress she would nap for an hour at a time but deep sleep was never possible so I was surprised one afternoon to go to her room and find her deeply asleep. Curious I looked into her room. Her father was in a chair reading, family presence always helped of course but were not enough to explain this. I could see her body was totally relaxed, very odd for her as even asleep she was usually a ball of fury.I gently put my fingers on the radial pulse of her hand that was on top of the sheets and it was slow, languid. I was just beginning to wonder if the head injuries and surgeries had ended up with a stroke when this white tipped brown foot, I mean paw, came out and ever so gently rested on her cheek. I peered ever so carefully under the sheet by her face. A sleepy dark brown furred face with the most intelligent blue eyes looked back. I put the sheet back and left the room.


I went back to the nurses station and told my staff that no one was to go into Judith's room, drug round and dressing changes could wait a few hours. Some time later when her father came out ( with a large black holdall, I handed him a printout of my duty rota for the next month. With some collusion between us I saw for myself the difference a loved animal could make to a human beings health, mental and physical. Doctors noticed her progress as well and course patted themselves on the back for their efforts, us nurses just smiled to ourselves and looked at the pin up we had on the notice board


I hope you and Cougar meet again in some way, I am sure your last thoughts will be of happy times with him.

Kind Regards,

Nina vd R

Aren't pets meant to reflect you? You have them from a baby 'til they die so your personality is bound to rub off on the pet, depending on your pet's ability to express personality of course.

In other words you want to marry you. : )

SORRY, just read full context. Wasn't taking the piss, alhough feeling quite mischievous.

Wow Tony.  I'm glad you had Cougar.  Although my story is much different than yours, I once had a dog who, other people still say, was not the average dog.  She was a benign constant in a world that seemed to cause life-changing hurt on a regular basis.  

I also wish you well for the time you have left.

Wish you well for the time you have left. Cougar must have been a wonderful companion

Tim Minchin has an excellent song on this subject.

Yeah, that pretty much settles this issue.

damn... I just posted this and didn't realize someone beat me to it!


That song is brilliant.

Propinquity is the primary factor in spouse selection.


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