I'm curious to know if anyone has noticed some disturbing things popping up on television in the states lately.  I used to love watching the History channel but now it seems that I can find about an hour or two block of real solid historic programming. Maybe I'm crazy but it feels like every time I turn to History in the evening there is some program about ghost's or ghost hunting on, same with several other channels.  I don't know how many of these programs there are right now but I do know that there were not nearly this many a couple of years ago, or even a few months ago. It's not just ghost crap either it's other things, these conspiracy theory shows (One hosted by Mr. Jesse Ventura believe it or not) and alien meddling shows.  So many shows now about paranormal phenomena and other such garbage. I think this is a dangerous trend that I believe is happening for a very specific reason. Maybe I'm paranoid but this can't be healthy.....What do you guys think about all of this?

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There's always been a luddite element in American society, even in the days of Einstein and Twain. it's simply garnered a lot more movement behind it in the last few decades, no doubt helped along by the rise of the Religious Right since the 80s.
Sadly, This sort of programing has been dictated by what the American public wants. History is boring to a lot of people, so they decided to cash in and play some other stuff and see what feedback they received. People watched more, so they dumped more and more legitimate programing. The channel really is a shell of it's former self. It seems strangely similar to MTV going music free. The dangerous part of all this is that I know people who watch History Channel as their 'educational studies' and will believe anything that is on there as 100% true. It doesn't matter if it's wild speculation, pseudoscience, total fiction, etc... If it's on History it must be true! This is part of why I am so happy to have FORA TV and TED available online.

I noticed this as well. I tend to chalk it up to peoples relentless fascination with the afterlife. I noticed that this is more so when it comes to theists and/or spiritual people. I also think it may have something to do with the so called impending doom at the end of the year or that Jesus is stopping by "finally" this coming May. It would seem that Networks have this tendency to alter their programing to coincide with that is one people minds or their fears.


Now I could could be completely bonkers thinking this but it's my best guess.

It started with Travel Channel showing the UK series "Most Haunted" even after psychic Derek Acorah was exposed as a fraud by the show's resident parapsychologist/psychologist. It became popular and soon enough SyFy channel came out with "Ghost Hunters" their most popular show that had a different approach. No psychics just cameras, MP3 recorders and tech gear.


It became the all time #1 show on that network. Soon paranormal shows busted out on almost every channel. History channel showed a knock off of Ghost Hunters called UFO Hunters and it still gets high ratings. So as long as people watch these shows they'll be on.


Ghost Hunters has had it's big controversy already. Every Halloween they have a all night "live ghost hunt". On one of these a couple of years ago the likable second in command of the Ghost Hunters ,Grant Wilson, had his coat seemingly tugged on by an invisible person in front of the camera. However before said incident he was seen playing with something in his pocket just before his jacket was tugged each time.


Ghost Hunters announced that SyFy swore to cancel their show if any trickery was suspected but instead they have two spin off shows. Ghost Hunters International and Ghost Hunters Academy as the show brings in sponsors.


This won't go away anytime soon.

Yes i noticed this trend and it annoys me greatly, i used to love watching the history channel, especially The Universe i thought was a great program.

Battle 360 and Dogfights were good aswell, but im seeing less and less of these quality programs.

I can't remember the last time i watched Discovery channel they really only air shit now.

The only channel worth watching is discovery science but im afraid its going downhill aswell.


Here in holland i gave up watching the dutch channels as they only show the most boring and cheap programs they can make, they only cater for the masses, ratings are everything to the producers.

And commercials every 10 minutes, to watch a movie that normally takes 1 and a half hours takes 3 hours now ok thats exagerating i know but i would come close lol.

I'm not sure why i keep paying for shit i dont watch, i wish there was a way i could pick and choose which channels i want and only pay for those.


"I am halfway through Genesis, and quite appalled by the disgraceful behavior of all the characters involved, including God." - J. R. Ackerley

The History Channel is a disgrace. Like there’s not enough actual REAL history that they could base their programming on. No…. they have to produce fake history…. Rapture…. Judgment Day…. Monsters…. Ghost… etc. There’s more historic accuracy on MTV’s Jersey Shore then on the History Channel.
This are on the Science/Discovery/National Geographic channels because people watch them. Rating and audience are the reasons they are broadcasting them.
We are all fucking doomed.  DOOMED!!!!   @.o
I have found this trend alarming, also.  I like science fiction, but now the science fiction channel is filled with supernatural claptrap, ghouls, and vampires.  When believers hold contradictory ideas in their minds, like angels and microbes.  Both are considered equally real.  Only clear thinking realists, recognize the inconsistancy.
yeah it seems to be taking over. They put on the shows that have the highest views, so what does that say about the gen. pop. these days? lol, I think the education system is in bad need of overhauling. I can't help but feeling the collective american I.Q. is falling like a one legged man in an ass kicking contest.


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