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Why are childcare costs so much lower for the person making $3,625? Because that person is staying home 3 weeks out out 4? But then that person is working as a full time mother for 3 weeks, which is certainly work. I'd rather have the "high-stress" job. (And who says minimum-wage jobs are not high stress. The most stressful jobs I ever had were the lowest paying.)

understand the basics of labor as mental labor is always paid more than physical labor and in physical labor skilled labor is paid more than non-skilled labor so you might think u work harder but there are more in the pool that can and will do the same job as you....

the above comment was for malcolm sorry for the wrong link

But you did link to my comment. Or do you mean that your reply was NOT intended to link to my comment? That would make more sense, since I don't see how what you said has anything to do my either of my points.

You have made your copypasta as annoying as possible by making up strange facts like "foodstamps cause obesity" and "fish live in trees". Your expanding steamer trunk of made up facts is boring.

foodstamps and obesity......this study puts it as nicely as one could.....

read and try to understand....


more stuff for u to read on this topic


i figured u would conclude that.....and that is why michelle obama wants to change the school lunch program and the lunch program she has already won a little battle against......but we still have a long way to go to reform this system....

you forgot this statement

Two reviewed studies found that long-term participation in the Food Stamp Program may have a larger impact on BMI and obesity for women (Gibson, 2003; Baum, 2007)




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