When will the predudism end ?

I am sick and tired of them throwing lables

Classification and diagnosis terms about what I am,

Never consulting me or others like me.


In the past I had frowned on being called Hermaphrodite,

I did not mind being called Intersexed,


Now I see nothing wrong of being called a Herm

I just began take pride of being different.

Since being called a disorder makes me die inside,

The bellowing depressive drone  of

“Disorders of Sex Development”

The shit scientific equivalent being born with sin.

The reason why I trashed religion.


The term reflects the trauma, pain and suffering

Parents believing that the devil is the cause of it.

They felt the need to correct with forced surgery.

Ruining my life with their gender bigotry.


Post traumatic Stress Disorder, Is a disorder I suffer from,

From idiots who see me as an abnormality.

Science should not follow the mistakes of Religion

Especially when decisions are made

I have no voice in their retarded opinion.

I am seen as the subject of indiscretion

In the face of intolerant inquisition. 

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Danielle, you might want to check out San Francisco Sex Information at www.sfsi.org for no cost answers to specific sexual issues. Many volunteers there are sex therapists, either practicing or in training.


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