When will the predudism end ?

I am sick and tired of them throwing lables

Classification and diagnosis terms about what I am,

Never consulting me or others like me.


In the past I had frowned on being called Hermaphrodite,

I did not mind being called Intersexed,


Now I see nothing wrong of being called a Herm

I just began take pride of being different.

Since being called a disorder makes me die inside,

The bellowing depressive drone  of

“Disorders of Sex Development”

The shit scientific equivalent being born with sin.

The reason why I trashed religion.


The term reflects the trauma, pain and suffering

Parents believing that the devil is the cause of it.

They felt the need to correct with forced surgery.

Ruining my life with their gender bigotry.


Post traumatic Stress Disorder, Is a disorder I suffer from,

From idiots who see me as an abnormality.

Science should not follow the mistakes of Religion

Especially when decisions are made

I have no voice in their retarded opinion.

I am seen as the subject of indiscretion

In the face of intolerant inquisition. 

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HI, euz, it looks like you are going. Thu a he'll of a time. well for one thing. You are right on track re. religious crap and rubbish. so none of their idiot gods will answer the fools cry for help so they grovel in the dirt.

Yes, thinking leaving my parents, it would remain behind with them and I can get on in my life. It came rather a surprise finding out that my parent's beliefs and opinions are quite common with the religious and those who even probably not theistic but follow the laws laid by authority religiously like following the bible or the religious establishment they belong to, without question, reason, consciousness or logic. This experience where medical professionals using words that make me feel queazy such as "disorder" as if I am a disease of some sort kind because of how I was born of reflecting back in the almost similar perception of the religious of being born with sin, and my parents believed that with the forced operation the month later after birth, they believed I was fixed from this sin or interference of the devil with their so called god given child.

Keep writing your feelings Danielle, don't repress them. Speaking from personal experience, holding in emotion is the worst thing you can do for yourself.

I've mentioned this before but I'll say it again: could there be tremendous power and beauty in being able to identify with both sexes? I think so.

As far as anyone who wants to put you in a box and define you, fuck them!

I will be getting the PTSD group back soon. I'm changing a few things about it, hoping to make it better than it was.

Thanks, well the poem did not really help me much feel better, actually I became more depressed , and eventually got myself busy with doing some music. 


could not concentrate on my artwork...

Thanks, maybe if I did not express myself , you are right, I may have probably found it more difficult to cope with later on. 

Thank you ^_^

I have those moments too. Often actually. I've come to conclude that when you feel that you are hurting so badly, and you just want someone to be there for you, the loneliness of living within your own hell is a sort of grief. It is a mourning. And many people will try to tell you that you shouldn't "feel" a certain way, or even "be" a certain way. But you are the way you are, and you shouldn't have to change that - for anyone. And so the people who will love you, will love you inspite of any so-called "disorder" you may have.

I think that if people are honest with themselves, we all have major flaws somewhere inside of us. Most people don't ever face that or admit that they have certain thoughts or feelings, but rather due to societal pressures to conform to be a certain way, individuality, sense of self, and thought freedom is suppressed, and people are shamed for things that a scientist would deem "normal." It's not only because of religion that this happens. Religion adds salt to the wound. But the real illness of our society is that we haven't come to a place where our TRUE humanity is embraced. But "WE" as in society, will only get there when people like you (and me) start with ourselves, and speak out against the infantile notion that "normal" has to be preserved, protected, or idealized. Who is normal? Does normal exist? Everything has a bell curve. So normal has a broad range. But, trying to get the average person to think about this is like banging your head against the wall. So you just be "YOU" and tell anyone who has a problem with it to go fuck themselves. Don't ever be ashamed of who you are.

Yes very true, and thank you, some days I find it hard to just get on by easily which most people take for granted, in fear of getting intimidation just for being different, where I was born this way and was not a choice, and they don't seem to realise it, and most are ignorant, and looking up to science and medical professionals, and when they get it wrong, yes they don't realise that they are adding to the poor perception the way I am, where the perception sounds like I have a disease, which also brings back memories of childhood, where because of of being different I was bullied and teased often, and then getting hassled by the school staff as well, where I found school more of a hell than living with my parents. I had ran away from home a couple of times.

Yes religion does make it worse, most of the ideas and ideals that flow through society has been influenced by religion in some level, and humanity is still trying to evolve out of it. A lot of it I blame on the religio-political elite, since they found it convenient to use religion to keep people in control, and it still happens today, and funny thing is, more than half of them believe in a so called superior being, and its one of the prerequisites for joining their club to work yourself up to the higher hierarchies.

The truth is their is no normal, like no snowflake is the same, no solar system is the same and no galaxy is the same and so on, one thing I like about nature is its focus on diversity. 

the truth is I have learned to accept myself and not ashamed of myself, I just wish people would stop making life difficult just because I am way off the normal chart, and in nature am normal to my own genetic code.

Thank you.

Everyone's a human being. 

Seek ye out The Church Of ED WOOD, truly.

Thank you for sharing, ǝllǝıuɐp      :-)

Thanks ((^_^))

I learned something today, ǝllǝıuɐp and thank you for posting this. Everyone needs a place to "fit it', as it were and so far, it seems you're going make a lot of friends on here. From what I can see, the people on here are more normal than the rest of society. including you. :))

Thank you ^_^ 


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