So, this guy is a young earth creationist.  Does not believe in evolution.  Believes Noah's Ark is a real story, scientifically accurate.  Did I mention he doesn't believe in evolution?

So, wondering how millions of animals could fit on to the ark, he says the animals where toddler aged, some hibernated, and they could breathe easy because the inside of the ark was warm.  He also claims they could have had different diets back then.  Also, there were no more than 16000 animals on the ark (kinds not species went, I guess). He then sends me to this site.  And this is part of what it says:

For example, horses, zebras and donkeys are probably descended from an equine (horse-like) kind, since they can interbreed, although the offspring are sterile. Dogs, wolves, coyotes and jackals are probably from a canine (dog-like) kind. All different types of domestic cattle (which are clean animals) are descended from the Aurochs, so there were probably at most seven (or fourteen) domestic cattle aboard. The Aurochs itself may have been descended from a cattle kind including bisons and water buffaloes. We know that tigers and lions can produce hybrids called tigons and ligers, so it is likely that they are descended from the same original kind.

Sounds like evolution to me!  So I tell him so, and he asks how?  So I write: Biological evolution, simply put, is descent with modification. This definition encompasses small-scale evolution (changes in gene frequency in a population from one generation to the next) and large-scale evolution (the descent of different species from a common ancestor over many generations).


Is any of this wrong?  Do I need a correction?

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do you have the verse for that?  Yes, im being lazy at this point :)
And how do they all get to where they need to be?  I have a hard time imagining species in environments completely unsuitable to them trying to trek to their respective habitats and surviving.
i have just asked him.... for animals in australia and madagascar, as well as china.

Sent me to a site that is of course, based on circular reasoning, but the image of kangaroos rafting from the middle east to australia is hilarious


Where is that brick?

How sad that those Aborigines had forgotten all about their biblical beginnings and thus didn't know the name of the kangaroo...

In the Goyet Cave, Belgium scientists discovered what they believed to be the oldest domesticated dog skull. The skull had distinctive features of a dog and was dated around 31,700. However, there is some speculation the discovery because of such a large gap between the accepted remains to date and those.

Prehistoric dog skulls are distinguished by their shorter and broader snout, relatively larger brain cases and general reduction in skull sizes.


(a) is the skull of what is believed to be a dog

(b & c) are the skulls of wolves




Examples of accepted dog remains:

ZURICH, Switzerland, a Jaw Bone dating back to 14,100 - 14,600 years ago was discovered.

Texas, in human excrement was a bone fragment of a dog dating around 9400 years ago.


Human Fossilized Excrement                                                     











Jaw Bone found in the Swiss










Either way you look at it if according the the bible the Earth is only 6,000 years old and the flood happened 4,000 years ago. Than dogs are not only are our closest companions but they a shinning example of proof that the biblical stories, like the flood are nothing more than fabrications. Not sure this helps but I thought it was pretty interesting.



While Noah was building his boat, the Egyptians were busily building pyramids. Funny, we still have Egyptians. The global flood was supposed to have been 4500 years ago, yet the pyramid of Djoser at Saqqara is about 4600 years old. The Egyptians should have been wiped out!


Small tribes were living in Egypt in the Nile Valley in 5500 BCE, about 1500 years before Adam and Eve!


The only flood that covered the earth is the flood of brainwashing among Christian nutjobs.

I will try to weave this in somewhere and see the response.  I am sure it will go along the lines that the pyramids were built right after the flood and repopulation, because all dating techniques are fraud so we cant believe them!


RE: Pyramids being older than the flood (and his continuation of evolution)... his response

and the problem is all we have to prove were we came from our chimps. and yet a chimp still has a chimp. why are they not producing the next in line like they have. a pyramid is a very strong structure and yes i am sure they could have survived. let alone there dating for them is not accurate anyways so who knows when they were made.  what method did they use to determine the age of the pyramid. look up proofs how that methods is not accurate.               


and again those bones you sent proven nothing. they even showed that the neanderthalensis was a human just had a bigger head. which guess what happens today as well. my adopted moms husband and son both have heads way bigger then the normal human has.

Is it even worth explaining we did not come descend from chimps ?? Just shared ancestory over a long (very long) time. He is "sure they could have survived" - what he is a expert in egyptology also ?
ive already tried the whole chimp 3 times.  No expert in egyptology, but apparently a genius at dating techniques </sarcasm>

I always like the joke that the egyptians existed and the dog (wolf?) was domesicated before the world was created.


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