I was having a chat with a christian friend the other week. I tweet a lot about non-religious/anti-religious/anti-god topics, and he was confused why I tweeted: 

" I wonder when it's the right time to drop the bomb on someone I've just met that I'm Atheist." 

He didn't understand. He thought I was being "arrogant" or making a big deal about not believing in... anything (haha).

The reality of that tweet was that I had met a new co-worker whom discussed his faith with me every single day. I was always polite and listened; never insulting. I hadn't even told him I thought everything he was saying was bulls**t. 

(I still haven't! But he quit, so it doesn't matter)

Anyways, I finally told my friend that I thought being an atheist these days was almost equivalent to being a homosexual inside the Westboro Baptist Church. (Ok, ok... exaggeration...)

I revealed that I thought atheists were discriminated against. That people looked at you differently. Didn't invite you to events where their religious friends would be. Your beliefs were not the popular opinion! (At least this is MY experience).

Many don't talk to me about their lives anymore because god is so intertwined in their lives that they don't know how to associate with me. The fact that most of my conversations with this co-worker were his stories of spirituality and "god's plan," I was worried that I would make my work environment awkward.

That's my worry. My parents/siblings know I'm atheist, but my grandparents do not. My grandma is constantly "praying" for me and I have too much shame for her to tell her I don't believe in her fairy tales. 

Do any of you have fears of telling people you are atheist? I simply revert to "non-religious" because it sounds "less offensive." But should I care about people being offended? I'm already such a introvert... this fact about me feels like it closes more doors.

It's almost impossible to find atheists to be friends in person! It's not like I can just meet them at Church! 

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There's a YouTube atheist by the name of Lemon Lee that has had her family disown her due to her atheism. She was fed up with their intolerance and decided to move to South Korea where she'd be far away from any of her family members. 

Was all that necessary? I don't think so. You know, I don't know how much you study religion, but the terms you use against it as calling it a "fairy tale" just reveals that perhaps you interpret religion a bit too literally. I don't know if you watch The Atheist Experience, but there was an interesting episode a few weeks back that suggests religion isn't as "fairy tale" as you might think. 


I think the video is nice and all, but when I say "fairy tale" I literally mean, that "god" is discussed in the same way a child would talk about "santa." 

I agree about the meeting up part. I joined this site to feel like I had some community.

It took me 8 years ( a few years after I moved out ) to finally 'come-out' to my friends and family. Mom was in tears, and Dad was angry (mostly about making Mom cry). I lost nearly all of my friends. Sooo, I was afraid for good reason. Dad later (several years) told me that he was proud of me.

In his important book, The Domestication of Europe, Hodder reveals that burial rites accompanied a type of theological esoterica. This esoterica was part of a deception which used fundamental illusions of Man (for example, the illusion of not being dead once we already are) against the population so as to establish power. Thus when we see that the Catholic, Mike Pence, uses the Qur'an to swear in new people to Congress, it's due to a long line of pre-established modus operandae. In fact, the Catholics founded the journal, Islamochristiana in 1975, and Pence family DNA lies along with George Washington familial DNA in a cemetery in Ohio. Those who "come out" also risk some very real repercussions intimately linked to property and familial inheritance. Even though Oz never gave a thing to the Tin Man that he did not always already have, the stick-and-carrot of familial inheritance can and will keep victims and scapegoats in the closet, chronically molested by pedophiliac protection-racketism.


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