I for one believe that their is a lot of discrimination towards atheist. I, coming from a very "christian" school, face the discrimination in silence. I'm curious though. How do you feel about this? Do you think that their is discrimination? Even in schools? Thank you for your answers and have a happy logical day guys. :)

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     It is a public school but I feel it's not far from a private Christian school in its ways. From a single trip to the principles office you can tell this. (I am not saying that she shouldn't display her beliefs in the decor of her own office but I'm just going to say that this is a bit more than just a nice little torture device hung on the wall.) I personally haven't faced much. That is mostly due to the fact that I'm a closet atheist. Only a few friends know of my opinions. I like it that way. Keeps the peace. The little discrimination I have faced stunned me to say the least. It was a student. Now I will say that this girl is. . .Well she thinks she knows it all. She's very rude with her ideals. Very rude. For her sake though I shall call her Kat. One day I and my boy friend -Also an atheist. Thank God! I shall call him Tod- where standing in the gym. It was sort of a free day. He was holding me from behind it was a sweet little puppy love moment and of course Kat started. She went on and on and on. I was willing to ignore her and just enjoy the little about of time I had to share with him. That was until I heard "I'm going to be a minster FOR GOD!" This pure ignorant line was yelled at a gay friend of mine. I snapped. 
"Did you say minster?!"
"Ugh YEAH!"
"Um. . .You know that women aren't supposed to speak in church. Right?"
"Oh really? And who says that" This said with a nice hand on the hip.
"Your God does."
"He doesn't!" 
"Have you read the bible?"
"Ha! Of course!"
The then quoted the dear ole good book on it's opinion of women in the church.
"It doesn't say that!" 
"Yes it does. I recommend that if you wish to win any of your petty arguments that you actually read the bible. Don't simply clam you have then wind up looking like a fool." At that she walked of and angrily walked around the gym spouting warnings at my group of friends each time she passed. 
           I saw her a few days ago in the morning as I waited on the first bell of the day. Tod and I where sitting once again in the gym and in walked Kat. "Here she comes", I said to Tod. I noticed as she walked she was reading. Some black book. As she walked closer I noticed right away what the book was. It was a King James Bible. She had taken my advice. I had hope for her. Until she started. Someone said "What are you reading Kat?" and the poor soul was going to hell due to their lack of knowing what she was reading. 
           Now do note for the most part it is students who cause the problems for open Atheist. Kat for example is one of the worst. There are others in the school. I having dated one and being drug to church by him. I learn from these people how not to react to the believers. I feel you must give respect to get it yet at the same time d not be a push over. A dear friend of mine learned that the hard way. He was bullied into tears until my teacher - who really I feel should be thanked for his action - told the Christian bullies to hush and for him to go to the counselor. . . A very religious counselor.
           You have to have thick skin to be an Atheist in my school and not go insane. It's difficult but my friends and I are making our way. Thank you for your questions. I am very sorry I couldn't make my answers shorter. Have a wonderful weekend. :)

I must agree fully to that. I wouldn't give up that sense of freedom for anything. Even tolerance/acceptance from others who disagree with me. Thank you for your comment.

I use that one on my sister! I'm just like "Timothy 2:12. Shut it."

"But I permit not a woman to teach, nor to have authority over the man, but to be in silence."

LOL I absolutely love this.

I never faced any in school that I was aware of.  And rarely have sinse, then, though every great once in a while I'll get someone brandishing a Bible at me as I'm driving along.  Then I realize that they're just reacting to my Crossbuster bumper sticker, so I sorta bring it on myself.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Crossbuster_symbol.svg

I've sorta been a rebel type since I can recall, tho, so I as a younger person I mostly attributed it to the normal big clique vs small social thing that happens in high school. 

By and large, though, on a personal one on one basis, if you're not rude or aggressive, and are able to utterly and truly not care what others think (or fake it well) you rob them of the power.  I know it's often not as easy said as done.  But, in many case, I think the problem, is that they're scared of you.  People are insecure, mostly.  So they seek security in groups.  People that aren't the scary loner types, but the pleasant non-conformist, sorta scare them.  I mean, if more people acted that way, their comfort group breaks apart.  If it's religious non-conformity, especially if it's a total rejection of religion, that's even more scary, I'd imagine.

And I mean that as a social and psychological fear, not a fear of attack, and I'd not suggest you take that tact either.

All that being said, I'm not in your footwear, so..  If it, well, being 'closeted' I guess helps, but, you shouldn't have to be.  But, if you prefer it.  Hrrmm.  Sensitive issue.  Such a tough call..

I guess, all I can do here, being totally removed from the situation, is to hope the others here have some better advice than I do.  You have my sympathy, and I feel your pain, and can respect where you're coming from.

I'd just be wary, I guess, and watchful of 'the line' being crossed.  Sadly, I'm not sure where that would be.  I'll defer on the grounds of a sudden and acute awareness of my own ignorance on the topic...  *mumbles* prolly about 4 sentances too, late.....  :)  Good luck!

*Makes note to self* Get that bumper sticker. Haha Your sympathy is much appreciated and thank you very much for the luck. I'm sure I'll be needing it. :)

You're welcome. 

And, feel free, but it might help if you also liked the bad.  One of my favs of all time.  Singer played punk rock all through to college to his PhD and now teaches, and still finds time to tour.  What's not to like there?

But that's a whole other topic.

Why DO you face the discrimination in silence?

You should be voicing your discriminatory feelings at every opportunity, with vigour and volume. That's what religions do. Why should us non-religious be any different in that respect? Be passionate whilst being compassionate.

That is my opinion though. Also I did not experience much, if any discrimination growing up. Not that I was a closet atheist or nothing, more so that things were a little different in my upbringing (Scottish West Coast) than they are today, or should I just have said "here in the U.S.A.". It was more in the lines of, "he just hasn't found jesus yet" or "you'll regret it when your day of judgement comes".

This place is a gurgling pit of gospel spew, that I wish no part of. A country stolen in a viscious bloodbath from the Indians, but then again who's to say they didn't steal it in the first place (Although, next it will probably be taken over by the Islamic people who are slowly but surely grasping more and more land as the days go by. Just look at the rest of the world). Then, supposedly/allegedly built on the morals and principles of that disgusting book. Be it not for my love for my wife and son here, I'd have been gone a long time ago. The dogma here is suffocating.

I've noticed, but I guess I can't claim it to be true and factual, that the weaker of the atheists and the closet atheists are much easier for the deluded to pick on, upset and belittle. I, being very strong and opinionated in my atheism, tend to see that statement the other way around. I am usually the one who leaves smiling from their reactions to cold hard truth. They're usually the ones who shut up first claiming that there's "no talking sense to him". WTF?

I hope you can figure out how to be outward and not feel discriminated against. IMHO. You may just be finding it hard because you have not blossomed into the wonderful atheist you are going to be.

I wish you every success and happiness for your future.

Hope I didn't get too carried away. Sorry if I did. I'm a very passionate atheist.

I suppose my main reason for the silence is that I'd prefer not to get into a debate with someone who says "If evolution is true why do we still have monkeys" a line I thought no one actually said. I wanted to educate them but that was pointless. I wish I could have. I realize though that I'm greatly out numbered. Being popular isn't my concern. Truly I don't care. But having to go to a place everyday for the next three years and being told "You're wrong about this and this and that" would possibly cause me to go crazy.

I think you very much and on contrary I very much so enjoyed your comment. :)

I understand your stance totally. I'm sure it could be hard and frustrating. Just be strong then and get through school to the best of your ability. I'm sure you're a top student because you already have the ability to rationalise. Tells me that you pay attention to facts, and probably enjoy fiction as entertainment. I'm glad I made some sort of sense.

I'm with you in a lot of ways William.  I didn't have it near as bad, too, on account of the US is much worse than the island you and I grew up on (I was south and east of you).

Totally agree, smart, confident, happy, and some moxie makes an atheist a recipe to be a nightmare to most Christians out there. 

Only reason I didn't suggest being out and loud about it, is can't size up her situation, and thus I don't know if there is any potential for that turning into violence if were to choose that path, and it might.  And, violence, when you're badly outnumbered is a really, really, bad plan.  If that's a possibility, than quietly in the closet is probably the best plan, as unfortunate as that is to admit.

But you're right, we had it likely much easier.


I want to ask your permission to send you private messages about our homelands. If you don't mind. I knew of no atheists growing up. I don't want to say it was hard but it wasn't easy. I'm curious about your home history indeed.

I understand if you decline. No problem.


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