OMG, WTF & Facepalm all at once.


Actual modern Vatican exorcism cases to be addressed in this new show. 

Apparently if season 1 goes well, they'll graduate to camera ride-alongs on actual exorcisms.



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I gave up watching TV years ago, the few channels I watched all sold out and started pandering to woo!
omg, you're not serious?  Sarah Palin has a show?  wow.  I don't have cable, so I don't catch much tv these days.  your post doesn't entice me to change that.
haha!  "caribou barbie"!  haha!  I am an avid animal rights activist.  Now I dislike her even more!
They have already done 'Ghost Lab' so this is, unfortunately, not surprising at all.
Yeah, a few months ago I went to see Michael Shermer speak at CFI Toronto and he mentioned that Discovery had contacted him to get some information about 2012.  He told them "well, it's a bunch of bunk" and they replied "oh we know that, but we're in the business of showing what sells".
Because showing what doesn't sell is the province of PBS?

Battlestar and Doctor Who are gone from the network, so no reason to really watch SyFy any more.

This is why I watch the freaking Science Channel.

Which has you know, actual SCIENCE in it.

The other day they had Mutant Planet on, I just discovered this--and this episode focused on Australia, specifically The Kangeroo and other unique animals there. Freaking Awesome.

They are losing their edge as well though with their show called Head Rush. I don't know the point of it, but it seems all they do is take clips from Mythbusters, and rebroadcast them with maybe 10 minutes of interesting facts mixed in with it.


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