Does anyone else find the extent to which religion still permeates culture hard to believe?  I have begun to notice that Christianity and religion in general irritates the hell out of me.  That's partially due to the fact that I live in America, which is still largely affected, whereas most other developed countries are secular.  Sometimes it's actually quite depressing.  To be a part of a family whom I love dearly, but that all subscribe to Christianity is hugely disappointing.  (Some info on me: My parents took me to church [Presbyterian] as a child, but from the time I was exposed I found Christian doctrines, well... unbelieveable.  I started skipping Sunday school very early on, until I ultimately said, "I'm not going anymore".  What I mean to say is that despite early and fairly consistent efforts to indoctrinate me, I retained my natural atheism to the present day[though of course after that it had developed into explicit atheism, since I had been exposed and rejected their ideas outright].  This is quite rambling and disorganized, but really just felt the need to... vent (in the hope that some of you probably relate).  I'm fed up with religion depricating humanity and with those under its spell (particularly the strengthening Christian Right in our political arena; as if ordinary politrix weren't enough!).  Tired of hearing that this is a "Christian nation" and the vitriol and prejudice the deluded majority direct towards atheists and the "nonreligious" in this country.  It reminds me of the Christians who ask, "Well, if you don't believe in god, then why do you talk so much about it?", amongst other comments like, "It's because you're mad at god!".  Granted, no one has actually said those things to me directly, but such ridiculous dribble is quite prevalent.  What I am trying to get at though is how this relates to atheist social networking sites, and pretty much all other platforms upon which atheists make our voice heard.  I've hardly been active on this site, because being atheist is nothing new to me, and up until very recently I wondered why others seemed to be very active and outspoken about their nonbelief (except those that have made a relatively recent "deconversion" from religion.  I now know why.  It's because of the overwhelming adversity (religion/mass delusions) we as atheists must face as we simply live our lives.  You may well be thinking, "No shit."  And I agree, but for some reason this issue has reached critical mass for me personally, for reasons unknown to me. (I know why I am disillusioned, but don't know why, exactly, it's now affecting me so much, whereas before I was able to block it out, or when it simply went unnoticed.  Maybe it's part of my maturation, or a manifestation of my inherent biological "group" instinct, but I feel like being more a part of the atheist/secular community and a more outspoken exponent of our demographic instead of sitting quietly on the sidelines, as I have been content to do all my life (more or less).  I also want to mention that this is only ONE slice of the pie when it comes to my frequently lessening opinion of the human race and how we conduct ourselves on this planet.  My apologies for sounding so negative, but I'm tired of laying down and letting the religious parade their pathetic bullshit around, shoving it in anyone and everyone's face EVERY chance they get.  I'm done.  So what say thee, comrades?  (Okay, doubly sorry for sounding like a whiny bitch, but there is MUCH to complain about, and I've held my tongue far too long.)  paz.

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Congratulations for founding an atheist student group at your university!  I've thought about doing something similar, but I'm not sure how I would go about it or that I would even be right for the task.  Do you guys have a facebook page or link?

Some people have a need for religion. If it weren't Christianity for them, it'd be Wicca or some conspiracy theory that they will believe despite how outrageously unlikely it is and how much common sense evidence there is against it.

I don't think the christian influence is growing.  I think they are getting louder and more vociferous because they are in a panic about loosing out to a growing skeptical community.  They are pushing, and yelling, and threatening because they fear loosing what power they have traditionally wielded.  

i agree, this country is a last bastion for the under-educated & credulous, a place where mediocrity & being below average is valued. the less people know & understand, the louder they need to proclaim it. But i doubt religion will ever be replaced completely by sanity. "As long as men are obliged to die, some of them, unable to endure the prospect, will concoct fond illusions. "-from The Atheist Manifesto

   Personally, I take every opportunity that crosses my path to argue with religionists.  I find it a lot of fun.  Why?  Because it reinforces my self-perception as being smarter than most other people.  When I get to stack up my common sense and scientific knowledge against their medieval superstition it makes me feel quite powerful.  And, unlike many atheists, I haven't the slightest intention of apologizing for my lack of belief.  I am, in fact, an antitheist.  One of the first things I do when Jehovah's Witnesses (or Mormons) come to my door is ask them to open their Bibles (they always have two), and turn to II Kings, Chapter II, Verses 23 & 24.  I don't even need to comment; from that moment on, they are on the defensive.  I inform them that I have read the Bible, cover-to-cover (true -Genesis many times) and found nothing that  made sense; and that I have also read "Origin of Species" which is nothing BUT common sense.  I give them 3 reasons I don't believe in any kind of god: 1) it makes no sense; 2) there is no evidence; and 3) I don't need to.  I can expound at length on each of these aspects of my anti-religious philosophy, and I do so aggressively - not angrily.  The J.W.'s are ALWAYS the first to end the conversation and strain to leave.  I love it!

I am right in the exact same place as you are. I cannot stand it any more. I feel sorry for the people who waste so much time devoting themselves to the non-exsistent. It's very sad. We could be such a great race if only we could erase these false notions of the supernatural.

Perhapse the time is coming when the atheists should rally together. We need to make a larger noise than we have been.


Thanks for all of your comments.  It helps a lot to hear from other atheists when at times it can feel rather lonely in a world so dominated by religion.  Hope you're all well.


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