Disappointment with the grammar and spelling of some TA users

I've noticed that many of the forum discussions that TA has tweeted lately have contained glaring grammatical and spelling errors.  I find this disappointing and even personally embarrassing as it inevitably reflects not only on the original poster but on the forum as a whole and, by extension, the larger atheist community.  I know written communication isn't everything, and it certainly isn't a high priority among the public generally, but we should try to meet a higher standard.  Given the unlikelihood that individual posters will suddenly take more care when writing, I think the operators of the site's Twitter feed should consider not tweeting discussion titles with serious errors.

That's one poster's opinion, for whatever it's worth.

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Okay, but to put a 140 character limit on an expression or you don't know what you are talking about is too arbitrary.

That would be too arbitrary, yes.  The general point to take away from this long digression is that you should be able to express yourself very concisely.  Good units to aim for could be short paragraphs, sentences, or even Tweets.

I dunno, this is rather brief --http://api.ning.com/files/1JVLEe2Ab1z*GTLcTSl2IOF1HU-Iu*cjSVlw1UiOlRLK2ey9N6y9h8AFhYAm-6oxMOqmQ3rI18jNxlSa5grdPfX90xhRIUG7/Animemc2.gif

Twitter updates on site activity may very well be automated. If you want to make a serious suggestion regarding the twitter feed, I suggest using the feedback form located here: http://www.thinkatheist.com/main/index/feedback

Thanks, I'll do that right now.

Amen! (Should I spell-check that?)


I submitted a suggestion to TA about editing tweets and quickly received a response from the site's administrators.  They informed me that content from TA is automatically tweeted, so there is no way to intercept tweets and edit them.  They also expressed agreement in principle with the idea and stated that they, too, find such errors embarrassing.

I feel better. :)

Tell me - I'm really not up on the terminology - are those who frequent Twitter known as Twits?

Honestly I don't really know.  Why do you ask?

Oh, I don't know, being basically called a windbag, and far, FAR worse than that, being lumped into the same category as Unseen, I felt I was entitled to a bit of innocent repartee.

Dear God, Save us from the grammar police!


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