Moments after I posted a more positive status in sympathy of Cory Monteith's death, I noticed the above status from a contact on my Facebook. What is with people being happy about celebrities dying?

If you had that attitude about people you knew personally, people would question your sanity. But yet when Cory Monteith dies someone on my Facebook list says "it's punishment" for ruining certain pop songs etc.

That's a justification for celebrating death? Because you didn't like a few cover songs? Where does this end are people going to try assassinating pop singers to speed up the celebration process.

It's simply appauling that this behaviour is supported in civilized society. 

Don't get me wrong though, I understand not everyone is a fan of Glee and I can accept anyone's opinion about the show negative or positive. But being happy that a celebrity is dead, is just sick in my opinion. And yes Cory Monteith did have a drug problem. While some persons may have a very conservative opinion on drug usage, I personally am less naive about drug usage. While I don't use drugs myself, I understand that not every drug user is an addict, just as every drinker is not an alcoholic. It is perfectly possible to take drugs recreationally and in moderation without being addicted. Obviously Cory did have a problem with drugs, had become addicted and it got way out of control. But it is still very sad that someone so young lost his life. 

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It is just people reacting in a way they feel appropriate. Most of which is just acting out their jealousy towards them. I may not enjoy the show or concept of the show but the actor has achieved more than I and as such I feel he has crossed a great big gap that most will never cross and their envy is obvious in the statements. I am training in acting at the moment and can't help but wonder if the same fate was to fall upon one of my classmates how horrible it would be. If people only thought a little more it might be a case of seeing the true tragedy as what it is a tragedy of life ending too soon. I ask these people to think as if it was their relative or friend would their attitude be different.

I can't help, but wonder what the reaction on the internet would be if Justin Beiber crashed his overly expensive car tomorrow and died.

I'm certainly not a fan of Justin, but I would still think it to be sad that someone as young as he would die. I would probably not comment on it to be honest, but I'd still find it sad. He's a little idiot, but he doesn't deserve to die; he just need to get a grip of himself 

He's not gay and even if he was thats not a logical reason to hate someone. There is nothing wrong with being gay, its natural.  I happen to be gay myself FYI 

The only grievance I have with Justin is his immature attitude and his out of control ego 

Define "dieing." Is it similar to "dying"?

Ooops that was an unfortunate typo on my part, which as been corrected. 

I think that a lot of people don't like Justin Bieber because they are secretly jealous of his ability to take a paucity of talent and turn it into millions of dollars.

People have always had this train of thought in regards to pop stars. I grew up during the 90s which was the hight of popularity of the boy-bands and you really noticed it then. History is repeating itself it seems. 

When it comes to pop stars I generally don't have a negative opinion of them, unless they act like idiots like Beiber does. 

Or they wish they could garner his fan club.

Well yeah jealously plays a big role in their bitter attitude.


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