one of of the reasons i am an atheist is because i am more <--- 1000 times xD---> free being an atheist, you decide for your self, you take responsibility for your acts, not like a christian who thinks that every thing is god's will.
so my question is, i hate religion and do not believe in it because it shrinks my freedom, and if you want to be free, you should separate your self from it, do you think we atheist, who, also like me want to be free should oppose the government, corporations, capitalism and every agent who takes our freedom??

ok many people disagree with me and abolishing the government with the argument "who will stop crime, the leeches?.
first of all crime, why people rob you today? maybe if you are poor you will try to rob food because you were hungry, an individual will do anything that it takes to survive ;), instead of making laws and having brutal policeman why don't we eliminate the need of people to steal to survive?
corporate crime, corporations and people rob you in any level the can to perpetuate their power in the system some thing similar like the first example =) one of my favorite examples is the bank-
let's say, a poor couple need money to pay their health bill, so they go to the bank to asks for a lone, of course they will pay interest, in an other part of the world a rich man buys some financial products of the bank and the bank will pay him with interest, with the money the poor couple paid of interest their lone, and all this mafia, low wages, banks , high health cost is to gain profit and maintain the establishment of cartels and sick corporations.
leechers, well not even me want to go to work, to school in this stupid system that its made to rob me and maintain their establishment.

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Even in anarchy, someone will rise to power... people tend to be sheep who follow, and the one most willing to lead will be allowed to. There will always be a dominate male or female leadership figure. Anarchy is simply a myth that can't be implemented.
How about you try reading past that sentence for once?
i did read it, but look at Norway, it has a mixed economy, and owns strategic sectors like, energy, aluminum production, fish, banking and telecommunications, and it also has a very modern welfare model . that is, i think, the best model, because their is no perfect things.
These are old debates. Rousseau wasn't an anarchist exactly--he realized that we could not go back to a state of nature--but he maintained that civilization, government included, was a corrupting force.

Voltaire responded to Rousseau's exaltation of raw nature with sardonic praise: ʺIl prende envie de marcher à quatre pattes, quand on lit votre ouvrageʺ (One feels like crawling on all fours when one reads your work). He graciously invited Rousseau back to his estate: "boire avec moi le lait de nos vaches et brouter nos herberʺ (to drink with me the milk of our cows and graze on our grasses).
Buddy.... c'mon. The first thing you need to do if you want to be taken seriously in a written debate is proof-read and spell check your posts.
If you want anyone to take your message -especially a message supposedly supported by other people- really, it needs to look somewhat intelligent. You have just succeeded in making anarchy look like a group of ill-educated drop-outs. Unless you're actually some sort of reverse psychology mole, it's just hurt your cause. I'm not saying this to be mean, I'm just pointing out a very real fact:
If you look dumb, I'm not going to hitch my wagon to your horse in the fear that I'll look dumb by association.
Here is an anecdotal example:
There was a person advertising an atheist group on a social networking site. I joined it, then immediately saw the blurb was full of spelling and grammar errors. Knowing that people who browse my page might link to it, I asked the creator to clean it up a bit. The author said the errors were fixed, but when I went back, I could see that not a lot of effort had been put in, and there were just as many as before. I quit the group and joined a similar one simply because it didn't make atheists look.....stupid.
The fact of it is, if you are going to debate politics, sociology, anthropology, science and theology, you need to have a base education or wind up hopelessly lost. If it appears your intellect will only take you so far in a debate, people will refuse to engage you because it would be a waste of their time. Make an effort if you want to be respected or at LEAST taken seriously. Just because English wasn't your favorite subject, or even if you have learning disabilities, there are programs out there. Type your post in MS Word or anywhere else that has a spell check. Re-read it, even if it's just once to catch the glaring mistakes. If you've got passion for a belief, you owe it the courtesy of your time. It's only a few extra seconds.
Now, I'm not talking about a misplaced comma or two. I do it all the time, and I'm a professional writer. Hell, sometimes I even do the wrong words, fragmented sentences and other no-nos. Re-reading this post, I'm sure you could find a few right now. However, I'm still making my point in a clear, concise fashion. It doesn't have to be decoded. You can't expect anyone to bother putting the effort into reading it, let alone believing it if you don't put a tiny bit of effort in yourself.
I realize this is preachy, arrogant and unsolicited advice. I'm not making excuses or apologizing for that, else I wouldn't have written it in the first place. I'm just giving you a constructive criticism of how to better fit in, be taken seriously and express your ideas.
I really hope you see it as such.
I really hope you take it to heart and don't just write me off as a mouthy bitch. (Well, I am that, too, but I'm only being one right now because I genuinely think it might help you personally.)
This post is just my opinion. You can take it or leave it. You can tell me to blow it out my ass, for all I care, but font on a screen can't convey that I DO mean it with the best of intentions.
DId you become atheist to be free?

No - I became atheist because it doesn't make any sense to believe in anything that doesn't have any evidence in it's favor. For me no evidence = no belief. I didn't gain or loose any freedom when I became an atheist, in fact the way I live my day to day life didn't change at all. I've always been free to think/believe whatever I want even if I didn't take advantage of it. As for freedom of action (freedom to do what I want); I have the freedoms my government (in this case the USA)affords me.

do you think we atheist, who, also like me want to be free should oppose the government, corporations, capitalism and every agent who takes our freedom??

Part of the trade off of living in a society is that we have to give up some of our freedom of action. I don't want people to be allowed to do whatever they want to do when they want to do it. I want certain boundaries placed on our actions because I know that human nature isn't always benevolent. I think that we need to have laws that allow individuals to have the most freedom of action possible without infringing upon other peoples basic human rights.

I think we need to stop treating corporations/companies as individuals who have some semblance of human rights and start regulating the hell out of corporations/companies. (Example: Corporations should not be afforded free speech rights at any time.) I think as others have mentioned those services that are integral to day to day life of individuals need to be government run or at least accountable to the government. I don't think that individuals can have the maximum in freedom of action when they don't have proper access to basic things such as health care and education and/or are stuck in poverty which is why I think the government needs to be in control of those things.
Government works. Extremists in government do not.

as far as being free because I'm an atheist....I am an atheists simply because its natural and I couldn't be anything else.

"...not even me want to go to work, to school in this stupid system that its made to rob me and maintain their establishment."
so you want to not be educated? then why are you an atheist? you seem to contradict yourself here.

if you want to be hedonistic, become a satanist. (some branches of satanism do not actually believe in Satan).

all I have to say is If you don't like it, become an activist or move dude!
people need leaders. people have a sheep flies to light. just so happens that said light is the wrong one, and this one will zap you.


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