one of of the reasons i am an atheist is because i am more <--- 1000 times xD---> free being an atheist, you decide for your self, you take responsibility for your acts, not like a christian who thinks that every thing is god's will.
so my question is, i hate religion and do not believe in it because it shrinks my freedom, and if you want to be free, you should separate your self from it, do you think we atheist, who, also like me want to be free should oppose the government, corporations, capitalism and every agent who takes our freedom??

ok many people disagree with me and abolishing the government with the argument "who will stop crime, the leeches?.
first of all crime, why people rob you today? maybe if you are poor you will try to rob food because you were hungry, an individual will do anything that it takes to survive ;), instead of making laws and having brutal policeman why don't we eliminate the need of people to steal to survive?
corporate crime, corporations and people rob you in any level the can to perpetuate their power in the system some thing similar like the first example =) one of my favorite examples is the bank-
let's say, a poor couple need money to pay their health bill, so they go to the bank to asks for a lone, of course they will pay interest, in an other part of the world a rich man buys some financial products of the bank and the bank will pay him with interest, with the money the poor couple paid of interest their lone, and all this mafia, low wages, banks , high health cost is to gain profit and maintain the establishment of cartels and sick corporations.
leechers, well not even me want to go to work, to school in this stupid system that its made to rob me and maintain their establishment.

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Ditto Dan.
When she said "We need boundaries", she was talking about law boundaries. But that'll probably go over your head. It seems that you're too hell-bent on raging against The Man to realize that government - in some form, maybe not the one we have - is absolutely necessary to keep large groups of humans functioning. You know how some people say "Without Christ, there would be nothing to stop me from raping, stealing, murdering, etc."? Well, for other people, the law is the same way.

As it stands, the government helps to regulate would-be criminals and prevent them from committing acts that harm society. What alternative do you propose to deal with these people once anarchy has taken over?
What do we usually do when people say "Without Christ, there would be nothing to stop me from raping, stealing, murdering, etc.?" Atheists usually seem to say something on the lines of "that's a really bad reason." For my part I'd say "If that's true, let me know if you lose your faith so I can stay far, far away from you." Societies have existed, and continue to exist, without formal laws. Yes, indeed, there will probably always be wrongdoers. Government does not prevent this, quite the opposite. In many ways it exacerbates this, along with the wider nature of societies. Voluntary, participatory communities would still be able to deal with crime, and hopefully prevent most of it from occurring.
i know, but anarchy is still a utopia, just like democracy
I took responsibility for my actions when I was a Christian, and still do today. I became an Atheist due to scientific evidence and logic. The idea of freedom didn't play in to my decision or though process at all. It was however, a pleasant side effect.
That was random.

Anyways, I have plenty of freedom where I live. The laws that are enforced here in America are pretty respectable. It's pretty much like "Mind your own business, don't steal, don't beat, rape or kill anyone, slow the fuck down & wear your seat belt". Other than that, I don't see much freedom bein' taken from us.

So they have a ban on automatic weapons, just learn to pull the trigger faster. So they ban drugs, do it anyways. Some states ban porno stores from their communities, then migrate.

No piece of land on Earth will give you total freedom. If there was such a place, then the sociopaths will take your freedom anyways. It just won't ever work.
what kind of freedom do you have?
you probably have freedom of expression, just like i do, because we can express our self's in this forum over the net, but what about poor people, what about 20% of the usa citizens? how can they express their self's? do they have the education to do so?
is not in list to do of the government to give freedom of expression to every body.
by the way, i know anarchism is a UTOPIA and you are right , but there is no way out left for us, but to emphasize on real freedom for everybody
You have to want to be educated; you have to passionately desire to express yourself. There should be a certain amount of responsibility the poor must take for themselves. There are many organizations that bend over backwards trying to give the poor a chance, but their success ultimately depends on their desire to BE successful. They are the only ones truly repressing themselves. Because so many people in this country HAVE struggled to escape the gutters, there's no excuse.

Self expression is not the ULTIMATE in life. You have to earn your right to be heard, and you have to have something worth hearing to say. If a person's self expression is relegated to body piercings, then perhaps they should ask some critical questions of themselves and figure out why that's the best "statement" they can come up with, and why it's worth fighting for.

The Civil Rights Movement, Women's Rights Movement and the Animal Rights Movement all fought difficult battles to get where they are; they had legitimate goals and reasons. It hasn't been easy for them, and it's still hard. Expecting the right to self expression, when the expression is meaningless, cheapens those who have given their life for the rights we take for granted.

Freedom is earned by those who are willing to work for it.
That was random

Sorry. As first the thread looked like a 'why are you an Atheist' thread. But now it's a discussion on anarchy... Go figure. *shrugs* I personally, am not in favor of anarchy checks and balances are needed for those who don't take responsibility or consider the welfare of others.
'Tis the truth. But then again, I didn't stay a theist now did I?
First...I like this post. It made me think and inspired a blog post. Thanks! I do feel more free now that I am (and admit to myself to be) an atheist.

To address your question:
Making you wear a seat belt in your car, or wear a helmet on a motorcycle is often seen as taking freedoms away. However, the guilt another driver would feel for killing you when you get in an accident is taking their freedom of happiness and sanity away. I hope we all agree that wearing a seat belt/helmet is a much less substantial loss of freedom. One has to give some freedom to maintain the freedom of others. In an anarchist, or even our current system, there are plenty of people whining and refusing to use such safety devices in the name of their freedom...but at the cost of others' freedom. So I don't see how a truly anarchist society could function and maintain everyone's perceived notion of total self-freedom.


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