Well, what do you think? And why hasn't been done again in almost 40 years?

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Honestly! Where do all these crazy conspiracy nuts come from? And why do they flock to atheist sites?! OF COURSE we landed a man on the moon!! I think this argument has been responded to so many times that this falls into one of those categories of "pointless arguements that won't convince the conspiracy believers no matter what!" So I'm not going to answer this argument. Look it up! *Headdesk!*
I believe one of the Apollo missions left a reflector on the moon that the US has been using to measure with precise accuracy the distance from earth to moon…using lasers. Been using it for decades.


You have some serious talent!

@E.Nigma, did you start this thread to draw out the tin foil hats? I'm reshaping mine now!



I'm really amused how cuckoo some people can get from a simple question. I haven't actually got the chance to say anything about this, and they already seem to want to slap me or bang my head against some desk. :)


Some people seem to forget that this site is based on refuting crazy ideas, and that without those ideas this site wouldn't even exist, and, most important, that without talking about even the craziest ideas, those ideas will never go away. I'm really disappointed that some of you make such a big deal out of this, when I simply wanted a few opinions, opinions from people who I am beginning to trust that they know what they're talking about, and that are more experienced in some domains.

If my question is so stupid, then this site would have to be even stupider, after all, most of us are certain there is no god, but we keep talking about it. Geez...


I want to thank those that, even if they think this is a stupid topic or question, have either decided to give a decent answer or to not give one at all. To the rest, shame on you.

Your point is well taken. This site exists for the refutation of crazy ideas, and without talking about them we are left with little to discuss. I hope you didn't mind my slightly flippant remarks on this thread. I felt I was following the spirit of your intent.

I am a little surprised by folks' strident defense of the moon landing as there has never been a serious question of its reality. But really, can you blame people? Reason itself is under pretty serious attack these days! :)

When I'm going to start only discussions in which I plan to reinforce rational ideas, then I'm going to think about your question.
It's a fact! We had guys on the fucking moon! Mythbusters Confirmed!
I think it was someone on facebook IIRC, who said that when someone asks this question they tell them that anyone can go and buy a telescope and look at the tracks at the landing sites and the vehicles left behind. You can't, of course, but the questioner doesn't know that, either.

There seem to be like 425,000 results for 'proof that god exists' too. I'll still choose a topic over here first than anything else.


Like I've said before, I was interested in opinions, and mostly in opinions why haven't we been back there. I'm not from Jehova's Witnesses going door-to-door and actually wasting people's time. I'm going to assume that you have reached a certain phase that you don't do anything you don't want to do. Nobody twisted your arm. I really can't understand where you get that 'wasting everyone's time' from. There are a lot of topics on this website. Do you feel that you have to be a part of every single one? No. You are a part of those you want to be a part of. It can't be any simpler than that.


Am I going to go crazy because someone else started a new topic about the fear of death, just because the last post in my own topic about the fear of death was made less than a month ago? Or that people have been talking about the fear of death for a very very long time? No. I did point the creator of that new topic to my own discussion and gave him one advice about the whole fear of death thing that was given to me and that I found useful. But that's all I am going to do, because nobody can force me to do anything I don't want to do. And I really hope that everybody in this website feels the same way.


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