Well, what do you think? And why hasn't been done again in almost 40 years?

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Well, I haven't found anything more detailed about this here on Think Atheist, if that's what you mean, and I just want to know what you guys think.
no ,usa tried to convince people that it did landed to the moon with a video but people has figured the truth out ,b/c the american flag was waving ! I guess there is no atomsphere in the space so how it was waving !
In other corner the shadows directions

Please take doone's advice and try reading up on how objects move in a vacuum. Then take into account how the flag was made and forces acting on the flag when it was was "waving".


This nonsense about men not landing on the moon and the flag waving in a breeze has been busted so for such a long time you would think people would just let it go....facepalm.

haha, that's what I did.  facepalm
fine... how about lack of parallel shadows, how suitable the camera was recording the movie,the sun which was behind the guy and the picture looks so clear ,if there is a really good light source behind something and you are taking a pic of it,it will be not shown like black, we nowadays solving this problem by adjusting the camera in landscape mood BUT still we do not have SO CLEAR picture !
Yes we did, without question -- and because it is very very expensive to do so

   We did, my uncle worked on the LEMS. He helped wire them and installed the optical systems. 10's of thousands of people worked on the Apollo missions. We went, we landed and we walked and road on it. The handful of idiots that think different need to get a freaking clue.


Why haven't we been back? Money and public will. Back in the 60's we had the public on our side and plenty of money. Today sadly it's the opposite. And Obama has stopped U.S. manned spaceflight after the shuttle retires. He killed the Constellation program. A very sad time for the U.S. space program.


The U.S. space program is LESS THAN 1% of the federal budget. 




Cool. Do you find yourself asking him the same questions sometimes just because your brain ran ahead while he was answering the first time?

Mythbusters did a great episode on moon landing conspiracies.  If I recall correctly, they specifically addressed the supposed questions regarding foot print definition in dry soil, lack of parallel shadows, illuminated suit in shadow, and the ubiquitous omg-teh-flag-is-waving issue.  It's definitely worth a watch.


Edit:  Found a good link outlining the basic debunkings of the myths.

Episode 104: NASA Moon Landing


Oh, and there's also that nifty reflector on the moon that you can bounce a laser off.  Its existence proves that humanity visited the moon and placed it there!


I don't have a nifty hyperlinked source for this.  All I know is that they did it on The Big Bang Theory!  I generally rely upon sitcoms for my best evidence.  TEAM SHELDON!



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