(This is really more of a blog, but I am posting it here so the replies can be easier to follow, for those interested.) 

We all know that the human body isn't perfect. 
It is clear that we are still in development from natural selection instead of being the finished product of intentional design. 
When we look at the negative impact humanity orchestrates, I can't help but think that maybe homo sapiens are going to be yet another pruned branch; a dead end. Really, there are only two ways for us to go.
In a few billion more years, we will have either developed into something unrecognizable (unlikely, given our urges for self destruction.) Or we are going to have wiped out our own species, and probable quite a few more that were unfortunate enough to share a planet with us. Sad? Yes. Catastrophic? No. 
Let's face it. We have scientific evidence that the planet has been rebooting itself systematically long before we started to slime across its surface. How many dinosaurs are roaming over the great plains? How many extinctions on the small scale as well as the planetary took place long before we mastered fire? 
It would take the total destruction of every single bug, bacteria, virus and well....EVERYTHING..and then, still...
The cosmos will still continue to spin, which means that whatever environment created the potential for universal life will still exist, and eventually start all over again. Existence as we know it is such a temporary thing. Survival of any species, let alone ours depends on the rules of simplicity. 
Humanity is anything but simple. 
The only thing that gives us an 'edge' in the over all predator/prey struggle is our ability to think and reason. 
It seems that our logical mind is always at war with our base urges. We know we need to consume less, conserve more and reverse our environmentally destructive path to survive in this little window of reality. 
But we don't. 
And we won't. 


There is no deity to blame for this failed blueprint. We don't have any omnipotent 'plan' for our future.
It is in our very genes to act out this play....but why?
At what point did we evolve into what we are now? 
What was the turning point in our development that wrote the screen play for this monumental fuck up that we have since become?

I would say that it comes down to procreation. 

When we gradually developed pleasurable sex, our species as we know it ended. 
We started down the irreversible path of destroying ourselves and everything around us. 

Take a look at other animals. How many of them actually enjoy the act of intercourse? How many gain physical pleasure from it? 

This is my theory. Feel free to pick it apart at will. 

<b>When the mating urge becomes linked to pleasure instead of reproduction, a hedonistic species arises. </b>

In some species, this is nothing more than the promise of reproduction and continuation of the line.. 
In ours, it has lead to over population and the lack of the ability to weigh costs and benefits in the long term. 
Immediate pleasure supersedes future security.
Wait. No. Not just security, but future SURVIVAL. 

We have adapted to go for immediate pleasure without weighing the future cost. 
Procreation was the start. 
We had sex because it felt good to rub our wet bits together, not because we wanted to risk agony and possible death for the continuation of our species. 

We had sex because it felt good, despite the fact that the tribe couldn't really handle another member. 

There is a correlation with environmental knowledge, too. 
We eat what tastes yummy, despite the fact that it's literally killing our world. 
We drive cars three miles to work and then complain when the air quality falls and our allergies and asthma act up. 
Instead of asking 'where does it stop?' 
I'm wondering where it started. 

Thoughts? Opinions? 

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I actually found the series to be liberating rather than depressing because it exemplified just how amazing and precious this tiny slice of spacetime is in which we exist. Also, I think that the inevitable destruction of the earth, sun, and perhaps the universe as a whole yields the fascinating possibility of further creation from the ruins. After all, aren't our very bodies composed of the higher elements which were forged in ancient stars and released in supernova long ago? Who knows what destruction was wrought from the force of those explosions which allowed for our existence? (Granted, if no higher elements existed prior to the explosion which released them, I'm not sure that anything beyond gases would have existed to be destroyed.)

I guess my point is that even though this tiny planet will inevitably turn into a dangerous foreign landscape, I still see a sense of permanence in the persistence of the materials themselves and the possibility for something new to form. Or who knows, maybe the universe will just expand until those very materials are torn irreparably apart and nothing new ever exists again. Either way, it makes me very appreciative of this little morsel of now.

I guess that facing the inevitability of destruction as an impetus to try and experience the world removed from the trappings of the individual ego. Or who knows, I just got back from yoga class; maybe I'm just riding an endorphin rush. ;)
Very poetic
Haha, thanks. After rereading this a few days later, I can definitely confirm that I was riding a post-yoga high. (Hey, it's cheaper than pot and I don't run the risk of incarceration.)
Memo to the christians: people are getting high on yoga now....time to outlaw?
My boyfriend and I always have this conversation. What kind of fucking useless species can't survive in any climate without some assistance? Winter? Bundle the fuck up! Summer? Sun screen or you'll get skin cancer. Can we fight? Not without tools. Can we run? Not very fast. Diseases? Forget about it. If the only thing we have going for us is "intelligence," I don't see a very bright future for humans. ):
(Moment of geek: did you guys know that light skin evolved twice from our dark forefathers? In other words, the genetic variants that allow for light skin in Europeans and in Asians are different).

I did not know that, but I love moments of geek! :)
Actually, human beings did not do well before antibiotics, which is the point others brought up (One in four peasants died from Plague, and this helped to end feudalism). Since now we can stop disease more it helps to raise population rates. Of course, the most advanced countries have close to 0% population growth, from women having control over their reproduction (exception somewhat with the US, due to religious opposition) waiting longer, a large number of children being impractical, etc. Japan and many European countries only have replacement due to immigration (note for anti-immigrants folks out there).

In the future, if standards of living and better contraception develop, it seems likely we may have a problem with "under"-population, at least in some areas. For poor families, having more children is helpful (most African farms are run by women and so there are more helpers this way, for instance). This was true of the US and other countries too in the recent past-it may still be in some areas, just to a lesser extent.

In fact, energy problems stem largely from over-consumption, not over-population. Fifteen people in your average "Third World" country will use less than what one person does in your average "First World" country "in their entire lives." This is a shocking discrepancy, but true.
I know it's not politically correct, but it's surprising no one mentioned nuclear power. Gone are the days of the old, Generation I plants such as Chernobyl that were prone to accidents (that was also the fault of people who had no idea of their job or business fiddling with it). Nuclear is used by many advanced countries, none of which has suffered accidents with the Generation II or III plants. Generation IV is on the way. Of course, I realize that nuclear fission is not the best and waste is a problem. So...forward to new energy sources, including fusion (if possible).
Hahaha.. I always make the joke that 'running' is an insult to our evolution as a species.
Once my brain got this big, I negated the need to run from anything.
After all, what -in all of suburbia America- must I run from rather than turn, face and shoot?
But seriously, though.. I don't run. I don't jog. Too hard on my joints......
"The sole purpose of life is to spew fuck." -- de Sade
Everyone needs a special purpose!
"Take a look at other animals. How many of them actually enjoy the act of intercourse? How many gain physical pleasure from it? "

Most Actually! The sex drive HAS TO be linked to pleasure! Think about it! The animals don't walk (Or Fly) around
thinking..."I'd better get laid or my species is going to die"...
Saying that humanity is still evolving toward perfection assumes that there is some species, somewhere that is perfect. Then you have to define what you mean by perfect. A shark may be a near-perfect killing machine, but if by perfect you mean well-evolved or intelligent the shark fails.

Humans really aren't evolving much at the moment. We need some catastrophic disaster to prod us and we need to split into isolated groups with different challenges. We are not likely to evolve backbones suited for upright walking; we aren't likely to evolve brains suited to preventing our inevitable ends; in fact, we probably aren't going to evolve out of the planet-despoiling holes we've dug for ourselves.

Humans are the product of a bazillion Rube Goldberg changes and eventually and I think that there may be an upper limit. How many sets of hair and kidneys can an embryo produce before it just gives up? How many more tricks can be stacked onto a genome before it's no longer viable? Will we evolve lungs that can breathe even less oxygen when we've destroyed the trees and the plankton? Soon enough? Will we evolve livers that can filter out all the toxins we've invented?

I don't mean to be too negative, but it's difficult to be otherwise when we see that we cannot even evolve culturally away from the Bronze Age mythologies of the nomadic sandbox religions and the warmongering attitudes of the Spartans. There are still nukes. There are still people who would use them.

The one gleam of hope in all of this is the burgeoning number of non-believers, skeptics, humanists who might just be too late. Or not.


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