The reappearance of Charlie Hebdo on the newsstands in France has allowed the French to take a stand against terrorism and imperial Islam on the one hand, but on the other hand it may just make things worse in the sense that almost every analyst of why the massacre happened says that Muslims in France feel they are unwanted outsiders, they are disaffected.

How must they feel now that the magazine has printed an issue 80 times greater in quantity than before, and that it is flying off the newsstands? and that it may be selling so well it may need to be reprinted? and that on the cover of the magazine, while feelings are still raw in France on both sides, it features an image of Mohammed on the cover?

Did world leaders coming together with throngs to march in sympathy with Charlie Hebdo and in defiance of terrorists send the wrong message and, in the end, just make ethnic tensions in France worse, in effect giving three terrorists (or four if you count the girlfriend) a huge gift and recruiting tool?

Should those world leaders have waited for an attack that didn't involve a publication viewed by many, both in and outside Islam, as a purveyor of hate journalism?

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Should those world leaders have waited for an attack that didn't involve a publication viewed by many, both in and outside Islam, as a purveyor of hate journalism?

Perhaps.  If this islamist terrorist attack doesn't have what you're looking for, wait 5 minutes.  Another one will be along directly.

Let's take another publication many in France probably enjoy while others revile it: French Penthouse magazine. Can you imagine world leaders marching on behalf of free speech if the attackers had been a bunch of well-armed French feminist terrorists attacking a pornographic magazine?

For my view it was an attack on freedom of speech, not just on a satirical magazine. The fact that over three million people and 42 leaders of nations to converge on Paris alone -- not counting the other simultaneous peaceful demonstrations across Europe --  proves people have A > had enough and B> took a stand in support freedom of speech which is something as precious to western civilization as it is heretical under islam.

As for any whining Muslims in France want to put on about feeling like they're unwanted and disaffected... I call bullshit.  Don't they have rights of French citizens?  Don't they get equal space at the socialist trough? Don't they get the same healthcare?  Don't they even get their own Sharia legal system in over 700 muslim enclaves on French soil?  How long have they been there and what efforts have they made to assimilate or even develop tolerance for the people of the nations where they chose to emigrate?  

My gosh!  In my opinion France has been tremendously generous and tolerant to them and  has been spit upon time and time again.  It was the generosity and tolerance of the French people that has gotten them into this mess!  They've had enough and I applaud them for it! 

Sorry to repeat something from another thread.. but it's worth repeating here.

Islamic fundamentalism as we know it today started in the mid 1700s with a guy named Wahhab who got protection from a sheik with the last name of Saud.  Wahhab and Saud formed a partnership to spread Sunni fundamentalism (Wahhabism or Salafism they hate being wahhabists so I prefer it) and the Saud name over the entire Arabian peninsula...  Wahhab's fundamentalism was to some degree a direct response to the ideas coming from Europe at that time during the Age of Enlightenment that gave birth to Freedom of Speech and much more that we westerners take for granted.

If they have a problem with Freedom of Speech they should Fut the Shuck Up and find themselves a nation that doesn't have it.

I side with the 11 seconds of unambiguous advice  given by the Moroccan born mayor or Rotterdam on this.

I tend to agree with you. Do you also agree, then, that it's just as important to protect freedom of speech whether it's a porno or political or humor magazine and that the world leaders should also have been marching if it was the French Penthouse that had been attacked?

That's an emphatic HELL YES!!!!!!

I mean no questions about it.


And I'll go psycho on anyone trying to insert ifs and or buts in it.

To me, Freedom of Speech internationally and the 1st Amendment in the US are not to be F***ed with.... EVER.

Try to imagine all those leaders marching due to an attack on the French Hustler magazine.

They wouldn't -- and that's the hypocrisy of it.  They'd all sit in the lavish offices jacking to the pictures and never say a word of protest if the whole print shop was nuked.

The French not marching over the right to depict and celebrate making love in all of its lusty and perverted forms? Perhaps you don't know that much about the French. They would march all right! Perhaps with fewer children but they would march.

I doubt very much that the French leaders would march for that, but what about the rest of the world leaders?

Freedom of speech laws are not in place to protect nice, mainstream, socially-acceptable writings/writers; they are in place to protect the right of people to express views that the majority of us are offended by. 

I'm thoroughly offended by a lot of Charlie Hebdo's jokes, but I stand for their right to print that vile garbage without fear of attack.

The Muslims who are upset that people stand up for CH are far too likely to believe that no one has the right to criticize Islam or draw a picture of Mohammed. If they want me on their side, they must stand with me on the right of free speech.

"How must they feel now that the magazine has printed an issue 80 times greater in quantity than before, and that it is flying off the newsstands?"

I think we can credit Muslims with having enough intelligence to realise all these people are not suddenly Charlie Hedbo fans and agree with everything they print. There are two main reasons for the increase in sales. One to make a point about freedom of speech and the second because people jump on a bandwagon when something is a massive news story. Within a few weeks I'm sure sales will drop to their previous levels - i.e. those who actually enjoy the publication.

From that point of view I think it was absolutely right for Charlie Hedbo to publish exactly the content it would have done anyway. Anything else would tell the terrorists they had achieved something.

You're giving Muslim intelligence in general too much credit and this can be seen  by they ways they're reacting worldwide to the increase in Hebdo circulation.  They see it as a provocation -- a greater insult to their 7th century bedouin mentality. 

You can google images "Freedom of Speech Go to Hell" and see how Muslims feel about freedom of speech.  They aren't going to willingly change.  It's the irony of freedom of speech that they can exercise it to protest freedom of speech.

If they feel they must die in order to protest freedom of speech I have no problems with helping them do that.  Freedom of Speech is sacrosanct as far as I'm concerned -- I even think the pope ought to have his mouth washed out with cow urine for his comments about it the other day.  The catholic church's overall record on freedom of speech is not any better than Islam's.


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