So needless to say I have a friend who is touting a theory that I'm inadequate in ways to refute. He purports that things are not evolving, they are devolving. Of course I want to meet him where he's at, and his presupposition is that the world began with Adam and Eve. His argument is that the two possessed every gene in human history, but half of them were lost from one generation to the next. Therefore he is saying we are losing some genetic information. He is also saying that because we are losing genetic information there are no actually beneficial mutations, they are something that has been in the gene pool already just becoming dominant. I would love if any of you could help me in refuting this idea, but of course I have to meet him where he is at so I have to argue assuming a man and woman startup. 

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He needs a biology class.  DNA doesn't "water down" with reproduction. 

1) Don't allow them to create the restraints of the argument.  I can box you in to prove the earth is flat.  (Without using Space photo's which could be photo shopped, prove from observable facts you can see)

2) Never argue with a complete moron, that isn't truly willing to listen.  It's an exercise in futility.

What he is championing is that we would be losing half of the genetic information if we began only with two. Which would be true, and it continues to be true that only half of each parents genes are passed. So we still are only retaining a part of each in every unique individual. I know I don't have to argue at that level, but for the sake of debate I have to start with that presupposition. I was wondering if there was anyway to disprove that notion when starting with that presupposition. 

How would we be losing?  There aren't extra bits that float off.  While they retain bits, they get bits from BOTH parents.

Ask him with whom Cain and Able mated?

Does he really think God commanded incest?

Then again, with Noah?

He's asking you to start the conversation from:

God is real.  The Bible is factually accurate now disprove it.  It's impossible to prove a negative.

What he is saying is that these extra bits died with their owners. What he would say is that when the two combined,? whatever was not combined in those offspring was lost forever. And humans have been slowly losing information because of this. I do cede sometimes information will not appear in the genetic material of the offspring that was found in the parents, this could cause a loss of information assuming only two people exist to produce offspring at the start. 

You're wasting your time.  He's boxed the question so tight.  You're debating without being able to use all the evidence at hand.  He's not ready to face his delusion.

I like to think that truth can be surmised even if the question has been put into parameters. Of course it's far more difficult to do so, but I still believe it can be done. 

If Eve was built out of a Rib.  The ONLY DNA would be Adams.  We'd all be guys XY Chromosome.

I'm sure he would find a way to say the two's genes were created to be two entirely separate structures. Just for the sake of variation. 

He'll assert all sorts of things with no basis.  It's called delusion and unwillingness to face facts.  Hence, you're wasting your time.  I've tilted that windmill before.  You'll never convince anyone that is not truly open to facts.

How can you believe in Adam and Eve AND evolution at the same time? This argument is ridicolous from the start.


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