Detail Pages for Status Updates are now live on Think Atheist!

Since our initial revamp of the Activity Feed, we've been steadily improving it and adding more based on member requests. One of the biggest requests has revolved around status updates. For a long time, when someone would post a status update directly in the Activity Feed, it would exist only as long as it remained in the Activity Feed. Once it dropped out of the bottom of the feed, it was nowhere to be found. The reason: the status update had nowhere to "live" — it existed as a temporary item with no place to call home in our system.

This is no longer the case! We're happy to report that each status update now has its own individual page.

Notice in this screenshot that this page has its own dedicated URL. This is where this particular status update lives — along with all of the replies that have since followed the status update.

What's visually different with this release?

Now that status updates have been beefed up, you'll notice a link in the Activity Feed whenever you see a Status Update.

This link will lead to an individual status update page. On that page, you can edit or delete a status post. You can also edit or delete comments on a status post.

As you might expect, commenting on a status post will be reflected in the second location. Comment on someone's status update, and your comment will also show up in the Activity Feed. Comment on someone's status update in the Activity Feed, and your comment will also show up on the individual status update page.

Most important of all… email notifications

You will undoubtedly be very happy to hear what may be the most important detail of this update: Now, when someone comments on a status post, the system will send an email notification. This setting can be controlled via the "Items I add" choices in your email Settings. This works in a similar manner as it does with Photos or Videos, for example. Once you comment on a status post, you will be following it. As always, each member controls this via your email settings page.

Why not start the status update bonanza now and break in this new feature of the Activity Feed. It's now live on Think Atheist!


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