The question I'm asking is: Why were the disciples willing to risk their lives and eventually die if the resurrection truly didn't happen?  I don't really know too much about the disciples or resurrection in terms of information from other sources then the Bible. I'd appreciate an honest answer, thanks.


This may seem silly but to be honest I am not sure how I should answer him.



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You're the best Nelson, to be honest I had a feeling you would be the first to answer.


Number 2, is what I kept thinking about last night. It reminds me a little about an argument I had with a gentleman a while ago. He claimed that the Christians that were thrown to the lions in Rome were all martyrs. I tried to explain to him the difference between a victim and a martyr. There may have been a hundred martyrs but there were a thousands of victims.He argued that anyone dying with a religious view was considered a martyr. Unfortunately I could not agree with this.


My understanding, a martyr is a person who chooses to die defending his beliefs while ignoring any other option for retreat.

Thank you!! I appreciate your insight on this subject, or well any subject for that matter. <3

As usual, Nelson's answer precludes the need for mine. :D

I almost wonder what isn't rewritten and glorified in History. I had a professor that always mumbled, History was written by the winners, then exaggerated by their fans.


Thank you for your reply, its much appreciated.

There's absolutely zero evidence the Disciples ever existed and lots of evidence to suggest they are as mythical as Jesus. Therefore it is a moot point whether or not they believed anything. Outside of the Bible, there is no evidence for their existence ......... and don't get me started on Paul ......

The asker assumes that the disciples were aware that the resurection was false.  Clearly, if we take their existence and execution for their beliefs as historically true, then they died truly believing that the resurection occured.  Or they were killed for other reasons and history (ie the Bible) has played around with the back story so "12 troublemakers executed" becomes "12 beleiving men martyred"


It is like terrorists who blow themselves up.  They truly believe they are about to go to paradise.


Of course if the disciples DID know the resurection was false then we're dealing with people who have serious mental health issues in being willing to die for a lie they will see no benefit from. 


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