I think this video is worth watching: 


After watching this video, I began to think about the way religious leaders can manipulate the minds of people by using the power of suggestion---just as Derren Brown demonstrates in his experiment. The human mind is amazing---it does what it is told to do. Once we get stuck in a certain mode of thinking, it can either benefit us or harm us. Think about the ways in which you are influenced: TV commercials, billboards, signs, Sunday sermons, college lectures, and the opinions of friends and family members. It's not easy to constantly analyze this information and figure out if it is useful to us or not. I tend to trust people I know very well, but that doesn't mean they always say things that are true. It kind of makes me wonder what is really true. 

Do you think people believe in deities because they have a desire to feel good? 

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Hi there guys, the desire to feel good to believe in deities is quite normal to a person who has been brainwashed from childhood by evil lies etc. The normal structure of power over persons of any belief system uses this tactic all the time. The person is quite normal in other ways except for the damage to the brain by the lies and propaganda. All these evil organisations are quiet certain that there is nothing else that can hurt them in anyway so they carry on so called normal activities.

Our youth believes in deities because they were instructed to do so by their family -indoctrination/brainwashing. We're ill prepared as children to question the veracity of the belief system being shoved down our throats. Many as they grow older become very uncomfortable with the realization that we are finite beings destined for the scrapheap. This is where that carrot of promised eternal life comes into play. If you remove the eternal promise from the religious equation I doubt many would keep an interest in supernatural concepts. 

Many theists probably don't feel very good when they realize that the belief system they are aligned with actually has little bearing on their daily life. It's a perfunctory responsibility that they feel obligated to do so as to remain in good standing with their peers. There is no shortage of hypocrites among their ilk.

I was introduced to this clip some years ago on this forum. I, too, was profoundly affected. It's incredible to see a lifetime, committed atheist "converted" purely through the judicious use of psychology. It left me with an understanding of the tricks and techniques that have been in use by clergy for thousands of years.

Hi there guys, it is a fact of life that human progress is restricted by organised religion, using cunning methods and force to represent some form of truth which they really is true without hard facts such as entities face to face from the clouds giving us advice. The latest religion at the present is ISS ,which is very clever in the method of blanking out the normal PTSD mechanism action in the human brain. The act of killing and torture of humans is now a normal action and turned into another religion, with the reward of female sex toys to play with up in the clouds.

I see people on television making fun of Muslims who believe that they will have virgin women for their sexual pleasure in the afterlife. But they will not mock the stories in the Holy Bible. Christians look forward to a new Jerusalem (made of some kind of transparent gold w/ pearly gates) coming down from the sky. They believe they will live in that city someday (in harmony with all the people they despise today), and live the rest of their lives without pain, sadness, or death. The reason many of us, in the Western world, don't make fun of this fantasy is because we were indoctrinated into Christianity. It's amazing how all these people around the world are grateful that they are worshiping the "real" god(s) while everyone else worships a false/pagan god. If everyone's religion speaks the truth, we're all doomed. 

I almost commented before watching the video and glad I didn't. He explained everything much better than I could have. My only nitpicks (fairly insignificant) are that I would attribute fear of darkness more to a natural fear one could feel alone in a cave knowing there might be predators around, and I would emphasize more the power of suggestion given via social pressure. I think I probably would have linked all the tappings on the table together consciously, instead of unconsciously, but I did miss the "priming" he invoked when standing up.

Excellent video! I rarely take that much time to watch one of that length, but I'm on spring break now, and it was worth it! I'll probably watch more of his stuff, now. Whoops, one other opportunity of subconscious suggestion he mostly ignored was showing the power of smell in how most mammals make memorable associations. I think if he was able to make a distinctive odor waft by instead of finger tapping, it would have worked as well, if not better (e.g. on more test subjects).

To answer your specific question, I'd say people believe in deities after putting together other things Derren mentioned in the rest of the video.

its true Christians can be easy to get deceived and its all for show in some cases but in most cases its literal blessing and result. faith is about persisting and believing in the result. that's what the pastors preach and its what their messages are about.

The pastors and other religious leaders really think that they speak the truth, so the problems are endless with large numbers of the people. The ISIS religion that can quickly brainwash large numbers of the youth of many nations at the present time. What is in the propaganda that is so powerful. Is it the promise of mad sex females up in the clouds ?.


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